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Some say we love startups, others shout us as web developers, few commend us as a digital agency. while some suggest technology greeks. Lekin, humse badkar kaun? Shout for Chai!


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Some say we love startups, others shout us as web developers, few commend us as a digital agency, while some suggest technology greeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making you understand about iBrandox and Digital Branding

Why should you hire iBrandOx for your Web Designing Project?
  • Don't take risk not opting for responsive website
  • Responsive may cost you little, but helps in digital branding
  • Develop confidence before hiring Digital Marketing Company
  • Understand the post development process before hiring Digital Marketing Company
  • Verify credentials on WHOIS after buying the domain
  • Buy available domain extensions, your competitors cannot hamper your business in any way
  • Always pay project payment online or by cheque for security reasons
Must be wondering,what is Ox? We are bull in our services. iBrandox-Online-Private-Limited
Why should you hire iBrandOx for your Web Designing Project? iBrandox-Online-Private-Limited


We believe without transparency, trust can’t be developed

1. About Us
1.1 What is iBrandox?

iBrandox Online Private Limited, the performance driven digital marketing agency offers customized internet and web solutions. We are young and enthusiastic team of designers and internet marketers who will help you in implementing your web promotion strategy. This comprises from designing your website to online marketing to engage your customers. Our portfolio, www.ibrandox.com/portfolio evidently proves why we are the best digital agency in the region.

1.2 Do you offer fully digital marketing solutions?

Yes, we are proud to say, we the innovative digital agency is your go-to place for any web development services. Are you in a need of web designing, web development, mobile marketing, IT hiring and most importantly 24/7 dedicated support post business development and dedicated consultancy on digital branding. Our internet passionate marketers work round the clock to assure committed and friendly business relationship with our clients.

1.3 What are iBrandox service locations?

iBrandox, is based in Gurgaon. Though, our services are not restricted to Delhi NCR. We have started our online global operations in London and South West England to target international clients.

1.4 How does your process works?

What make us different from our competitors is services. We work for the best interest of the clients. Our team of experts first understands your requirements and then tailors the best possible solutions. We also understand that projects fail because of lack of brainstorming sessions, poor planning and communication gap between the project managers and the clients. We assure transparent and approachable process through one of our following methodologies:-

Step 1

You trust us and place an order.

Step 2

After project confirmation within 24 hours our client representative introduce you and your project to our senior project manager.

Step 3

You will receive a welcome introductory email and call by assigned project manager.

Step 4

In 2 to 3 days’ time, the first customized graphical designed layout will be shared for your review.

Step 5

After your feedback, revisions to be made and send back to you for another approval.

Step 6

The experts use HTML, JQuery, Java Script and other required coding to create website. It is then send for your final feedback.

Step 7

Once the website is approved, compatibility on multiple browsers is tested. This is because the website may be opened globally on different browsers, that is, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Step 8

Congratulations! It's time to celebrate champagne iBrandox-Online-Private-Limited

Disclaimer: We follow the similar approach on logo designing, email marketing and on other digital branding services available at www.ibrandox.com,we leave no stone unturned and strive hard to maintain business friendly relationship for very longer term.

1.5 Which browsers iBrandox support?

Before your website go live and we handover it to you, our dedicated testing team verifies the browser compatibility on multiple browsers, that is, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to ensure hassle free operations of your website on global platform.

2. Pricing and Process
2.1 What is your pricing policy?

As we are not selling readymade templates, prices vary from services to services. Also, the web solutions are tailor-made keeping the individual businesses in mind. Please get in touch with us at our call us on our Toll Free Number 1800-123-7347 or 0124-4898-347 for more details.

2.2 What are the payment methods?

We accept demand draft/cheque in favor of ‘iBrandox Online Private Limited’. Also, we accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, smart cards and net banking through our secured payment gateway method available on our website.

2.3 Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Non-Disclosure Agreements process?

Service Level Agreement (SLA): Yes, we firmly believe in having Service Level Agreement (SLA) process as it is a great way to bring transparency in an organization. To build long term and positive business relationship, we sign the SLA agreement wherein, the agreed scope, commercials and project duration with each client for accountability are stated clearly.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): - We are happy to sign the (NDA) so that you can be assured that all your business data will be safe. To maintain committed and positive business relationship for longer term, we follow a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) policy. We guarantee you confidently that all the business discussions will remain confidential. We hope to establish long term relationship of transparency and trust to ensure mutual benefit.

2.4 How should I send my files to iBrandox Operations Team?

Assigned project manager will request you to send the desired files considering the scope of your project. Mostly layered PSD is the best option for a speedy delivery, likewise logo on CDR file. However, we also accept JPG/PNG/PDF/EPS/AI files. For perfection, we might ask you for details like width, color structure, fonts along with design files.

2.5 What is an iBrandox turn-around time?

Post business development, the project gets started within 72 hours. Our team is geared to deliver the project as quickly as possible. But, as different websites have different scope of work, it is hard to tell the turn-around time. Also, web designing is more about customization and creativity. Therefore, it may be little time consuming based on requirements. For more details, feel free to call us on our Toll Free Number 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347.

3. Domain
3.1 What is Domain Name?

A domain name functions on the virtual world more or less like the physical address in the physical world. It is a name that creates the identity on internet through www. In other words, it’s the foundation of your website on internet. It is the address that internet surfers use to find and explore your website. Once you have registered the domain, nobody can buy the similar domain on internet in the near future.

Domain extensions :-

Domain extensions are the suffix being used at the end of a web address, like, .com, .net, .in, .org and co.in. Same way, our company name is iBrandox and our domain extension is .com, i.e. www.ibrandox.com

  • Earlier, .net domains were used by internet companies, however, .com is more popular these days.
  • .org domain was designed for non-commercial websites. It is majorly used by non-profitable government and political organizations worldwide
  • .in domain become popular in India and is preferred by small Indian companies also prefer .co.in extension for their businesses
  • .info is adopted by companies that have an informative website.
  • These days, individual business owners/entrepreneurs are also buying .me, .portfolio, .tips, .asia, .guru, and .club extensions as these are slowly gaining popularity on the virtual platform.
3.2 Can I run my website without a domain?

No, without a domain name you can’t run your website on internet. To make your website live, the first step is to upload your registered domain on your hosting/web server.

3.3 Is there any one time fee for domain registration?

No, there is an annual fee that has to be paid as long as you want to continue the particular domain for your web business. However, you can buy the domain for end number of years, for a lump sum price.

Isn’t Domain Registration Process based on first come first served basis?

Yes, the domain registration policy is based on first come first served basis. Anybody can buy the available domain anytime from anywhere. Therefore, it is always better to buy domain as quickly as can.

3.4 Should I buy all the domain extensions, if they are available online?

It is better to buy all the domain extension to mitigate the possibility of someone else having the same domain name as yours. Having multiple extensions of an individual domain surely helps in digital marketing. Most importantly, your competitors cannot hamper your business in any way. For more information on having multiple domains, call us on our Toll Free Number 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347.

How can I check whether my domain got registered and nobody can misuse further?

It normally takes 24 hours to register the domain. However, you can view the details of registration at www.whois.com. This portal provides you the detailed information about the registration that is domain name of the domain owner, date of the registration, creation date, expiry date, domain user address and other useful information.

Can I hide my business information on WHOIS information?

Yes, there is a trustworthy privacy service that you can subscribe for a little additional cost. It helps you keep your personal business details like registration house/office address, IP address, telephone number and the owner of domain name safe.

3.5 Can I buy the domain from iBrandox? Can you manage my domain and internet activities together?

Yes, we are proud to say, we the interactive digital agency is your go-to place, where you can manage domain, hosting, web development and internet branding altogether without any hurdles. DNS information is important to register or transfer the domain. Our DNS information is as below:

Primary Name Server: - NS1.IBRANDOX.COM

Secondary Name Server: - NS2.IBRANDOX.COM

For more clarification, call us on our Toll Free Number 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347.

4. Hosting
4.1 What is Hosting?

Hosting about storing your website files on servers connected to a very fast network. Internet hosting enables your site to become live and accessible via World Wide Web (www) globally. There are two types of hosting that you can choose from for your website, free hosting and paid hosting. If you choose paid hosting (also known as individual hosting) there will no advertisement on your website, whereas if you choose free hosting there will be forced display of advertisements on your website. Free hosting adversely affects the foundation of digital branding.

Hosting Variants:-

The type of web hosting operating system that you chose must depend on the choice of development database or language for your website.

  • Prefer Linux hosting if you want to use Perl, PHP, CGI scripting and Python. Also, it is reasonable, incorporates good features and more customizable. But choose Windows hosting if you are using ASP.NET or ASP to develop the website. Also, windows hosting is more secured and preferable when it comes to assimilation of windows applications when designing a website.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting involves the operation of virtual dedicated servers on the principal server, thus allowing the users to have full control over their private servers.
  • Cloud hosting is delivery of services where shared resources, software and information are provided to computers.
  • Dedicated hosting allows you to have the entire service for your website operations. You have full control over the server and its resources, thereby making it one of the most expensive server hosting methods.

To know which hosting plan is most suitable for your business website, feel free to call our executives at our Toll Free Number 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347

4.2 If I buy the hosting from iBrandox, what web space would I be offered?

At iBrandox, we have numbers of customized options for hosting. You can choose from shared hosting to dedicate hosting and cloud hosting to VPS hosting. For a static or a mini dynamic website, it is suggested to buy shared hosting with customized web space and bandwidth depending on the usage and requirements. Each package has its own benefits and features.

If you are finding it difficult to choose the right hosting plan for your website, talk to the experts at our Toll Free Number 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347.

4.3 Is Email Package included in the hosting package?

Yes, we not only boast about being your one-stop shop for virtual branding, we truly are. At iBrandox, we offer multiple customized options for email package with hosting plans. You can buy the email package starting from 5 Mail IDs to unlimited email package plan keeping your business scope and requirements in consideration.

If you are confused which email package to choose, feel free to call our executives on the Toll Free Number 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347 and they will happily assist you in taking the right decision.

4.4 How the hosting or email management works? Will I need to phone iBrandox for regular updates?

Once you buy the hosting or email package, your business account to be created with. Within 24 hours C-Panel details are shared with you, so that you can manage your account on your own. You need not worry; our C-panel is quite user-friendly. Creating email accounts is as simple as creating a Gmail or Yahoo email accounts. Still, if you feel you are too busy to handle the account yourself, we even offer AMC (Annual Maintenance Consulting) services.

4.5 Will your hosting work outside the India?

There is no doubt that our hosting plans will definitely work globally. But if you are operating your business within India then it is recommended to buy Indian hosting. This is because servers are designed geographically considering the environments and internet IPS’s. For global hosting, feel free to call on our Toll Free Nos. at 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347,

5.1 Can you design a professional website for me?

Yes, we have a team of experts who will help you have a professional and creative website. We can also help you redesign website to give your company the necessary facelift to attract traffic to your website. Our creative UI designers have designed and successfully delivered more than 100+ projects across the industries. Visit www.ibrandox.com/thelove to check our credentials. Also, feel free to call our Toll Free Number at 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347 to discuss your web project.

5.2 What is the difference between Static Website Designing and Dynamic Website Designing?

Static web design is written in plain HTML and delivers information without any whistles and bells. You need to have knowledge of website development to update it.

Whereas, a dynamic web design enables the website owner to update and add new content to the website easily. You need not have knowledge of programming to manage dynamic modules on your website.

5.3 How to decide which website to prefer: Static or Dynamic design?

The golden rule to select the ideal website type is to take into consideration the purpose of the website. If the purpose of the website is just to give information without any bells and whistles then static design should be preferred. However, if you want to have features like News and Events, Photo Gallery, Blogging, then dynamic version should be preferred. While sitting at office/or home, you/ or an admin user can upload the content from the customized backend management.

5.4 Do you offer templates or customized designing?

We, the innovative web agency based in Gurgaon offers customized web solutions. We believe that each business is unique and thus there is no scope for using the templates. Right from the designing to development and branding, we customize the solutions depending on the requirements of clients. Check our portfolio, www.ibrandox.com/thelove to judge our strength of customized solutions.

5.5 What is Payment Gateway Development?

Payment gateway development is a service to process credit transactions when you accept online orders from the customers. Different dedicated payment processors and banks offer the payment gateways.

How would you develop this for my business? Is there any charge of it? Integration of payment gateway is chargeable. However you don’t have to pay any set-up cost directly to us. We don’t develop this payment gateway software at our digital studio. Proud to say, we are an associated partner with some of the best gateway companies that offer customized features depending on the client’s requirements. Though, we help our clients to connect with the gateway company and assist them in paper formalities.

5.6 Will I be assured satisfactory services? If not, Can I cancel my project?

We strongly believe that our service is the biggest differentiator. We have delivered more than 100+ projects and catered to more than 15 industries thus, laying down a strong foundation of our business. Moreover, 90% of our business is generated from the referrals. This alone proves that we are a professional marketer who focuses on client’s retention.


We strive hard to bring smile on your face; still if you want to withdraw your project, we will happily refund your 100% money provided the work hasn’t started yet. In case your project is in the first phase, unfortunately no money back is possible.

6. Responsive Design/Development
6.1 What is Responsive Design Website?

One Website, many devices compatible, in other words responsive web design is a design that consists of flexible layouts and grid that automatically changes to suit the device being used by the user. For example, as he or she switches from using laptops to iPad, the website changes in a bid to accommodate the new screen size, resolution, image size and other script abilities.

6.2 Does iBrandox Offers Responsive Design Websites?

iBrandox has put in place a team of expert web designers who use browser-friendly technologies such as CSS 3 and HTML 5 programs who are committed and capable of creating a responsive website for your business. In today's world consuming data is the criterion and there is noted development of mobile devices. Thus, it makes sense to have a website that adapts itself to the multiple platforms. Contact us today for an exceptional responsive website that suits your budget.

6.3 Is Responsive Design Website Important for business?

Yes indeed, very important for the business. It helps in SEO and overall digital branding, as search engines prefer responsive design websites. This is because you just need to optimize the website content only for a single link.

6.4 Can marketing be done without Mobile/Responsive Website?

Recent studies show that mobile sales have taken over the desktop sales and 67% of the users claim that they prefer buying on their phones while on-the-go. Therefore, it is must for businesses to have responsive websites. As per Google the responsive web design must be adopted by businesses because the design sites have a single URL the same HTML irrespective of the device. This assures Google to index, crawl and organize the web content.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing
7.1 What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing?

Search engine optimization is a technique to build organic web traffic and improve website rankings in Google through optimizing keywords, link building and building online relationship with available directories.

7.2 Why SEO is important for my online business?

An important aspect of SEO marketing is to make your website easy for web visitors and search engines robots to understand. SEO helps the search engine to figure out what page is about and how those pages are important for users. Undoubtedly, SEO is highly important for any business operating online.

7.3 I am already investing in PPC campaign and getting positive results, do I still need SEO?

Both marketing methods, Pay per click (PPC) and SEO are necessary to support your online marketing campaigns. Undoubtedly, PPC marketing is the most effective method to get instant results, but it is highly expensive. As long as you campaign through PPC, you will get leads, once you stop the PPC campaign, the campaign falls flat. PPC doesn’t relate to optimizing your website and developing organic traffic visitors.

While on the other hand, SEO marketing helps in optimizing your website and generate organic traffic. SEO ensures branding, business visibility, high ROI, traffic, credibility, and insight to customer behavior.

Before you jump start with the SEO marketing method, there are numbers of factors that you need to keep in consideration. You need to ask the following questions:

  • Does your website content effective or needs to be replaced?
  • Does the website keywords, meta-tags and other SEO technical things need to be optimized to get traffic?

If your answer to these questions is 'Yes' then you must speak to our executives at our toll free no’s at 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347 and ask for your free website analysis to understand, whether it is the right time for optimizing your website or not.

7.4 What are your prices of SEO Marketing?

It completely depends on your business and how flexible your website keywords are. Our team of experts customizes the SEO campaign as per your website needs. The price also depends, whether you want to target On-page SEO, or an Off-page SEO or a combination of both. Optimizing keywords for real estate client may cost higher than a grocery store into an e-commerce industry.

Also, it entirely depends on numbers of keywords you want to target. We do not focus on site ranking, but building quality traffic and profitable revenue through conversion management. A competitor analysis is done by the team of experts before quoting you the price.

Payment Milestone:-

As SEO marketing is an uninterrupted and continuous effort we accept 100% advance to run SEO marketing campaign. Though, we can also begin by accepting two months payments in advance.

For further clarifications feel free to call us on our Toll Free Number 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347.

7.5 If I hire iBrandox for SEO, will I get desired results?

What sets iBrandox, apart from its competitors is the fact that we pay close attention to the clients’ requirements and suggests individual strategies rather than one-size-fits all approach. As we only use white hat SEO strategies, you will have to trust us for a period of 4 to 6 months to see the results. In case we fail to deliver the results, you can avail the Money Back option.

7.6 Can I analyze the results of SEO Marketing campaign adopted by your agency?

A relationship of trust cannot be built without transparency. Therefore, our process is quite transparent. We offer you a platform to check ‘Google Analytics Reports’ to judge the credibility of the reports. You can even check your own Google account in order to test how many people actually visited your site, whether they were direct visitor, organic visitor or visited the website through marketing campaigns. Dedicated assistance to be given about how to open a Google analytics accounts and perform analysis.

Google Analytics is the report software offered by Google that gives a detailed statistics report about website traffic sources and website traffic to measure sales and conversions. It helps you to know how many visitors visited your website, what pages they crawled, from which location did they hit. Were they direct visitor or organic visitor, how long did they spend time and on which categories. It is an effective digital branding tool.

8.1 What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful strategies today. As the name suggests, it entails sending information about products and services to the prospective clients using their email address. You need not enter each email address separately; there are programs that allow you to send emails to multiple clients. Unlike other strategies and tools, this is quite affordable and effective since its delivers information to specific clients who are interested in your the services/ or products.

8.2 What is your pricing and payment milestone to start with?

Email marketing is a customized service; therefore there cannot be a single milestone for all the businesses. It majorly depends on business niche, as we customize the solutions accordingly. The requirement for real estate client may be getting leads, while for an e-commerce it may be building reputation or viral traffic. Therefore, the price keeps varying.

8.3 What is your approach on Email Marketing

We have developed a customer centric approach after careful research to ensure a successful email marketing campaign for performance driven results:-

Step 1

You Trust On Us For Email Marketing Campaign

Step 2

Within 24 hours, Client Representative introduce you with the Project Manager

Step 3

You will receive an Introductory Welcome Email from Project Manager

Step 4

Customizing the mailer design on basis of the client feedback, business niche and competitor

Step 5

Do the needful HTML coding on email

Step 6

Testing it for spams on the valid mail accounts

Step 7

Perform competitor analysis

Step 8

Filter the database depending on the analysis

Step 9

Sending the results reports within 24 to 48 hours

Step 10

Offer you a platform to check Google Analytics Reports to see whether the reports are genuine

8.4 How Email Marketing can help in promoting my business?

Based on your business niche our project manager will assign the campaign manager for your project. The expert will filter the database considering your business, competitors and campaign needs. Also, we figure out the real intention of running the project. We shoot your campaign on customized database very carefully analyzing your requirement, whether you are looking for building traffic, online reputation or selling the products in the market.

Feel free to call our Toll Free Number at 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347 and ask about email marketing plan. Our executive will ask for details like target audience, product or service benefits and features, design details and the goal behind the email marketing campaign. These details from your end will help the project managers to draft successful mailing campaigns.

8.5 Is this method Result Oriented?

Recent studies show that more than 50% of consumer makes purchases as a direct result of email. Of 79% of adults who use the internet, approximately 94% sent and read emails. More importantly, email is the most preferred methods of commercial communication by 74% of adults. Our result oriented team has developed an in house panel to assist in the mailing campaigns. You can be sure of the quality or else we promise you money back.

8.6 Have you created the database or purchased it from agencies? Can I buy?

After careful selection process we shortlisted a number of agencies to buy the ethical database. We are associated with more than 2000 directories online and filter the database every day to bring the best results. We assure you 99% inbox ratio, else you can claim 100% money refund.

No, we do not sell database.

8.7 How can I check the credibility of email marketing campaign?

We believe in maintaining transparency with the client and therefore offer you a platform to check ‘Google Analytics Reports in addition to the detailed analysis reports within 24 to 48 hours to help you understand the result of campaign. The report will give you information about the nature of visitors that is subscribed/unsubscribed visitors, abusers, mailer views and importantly the unique visitors.

You can check your own Google analytics account in order to test how many people actually visited your site, whether they were direct visitor, organic visitor or visited through promotional email marketing campaign. Dedicated assistance to be given about how to open a Google analytics account and perform analysis. We will never cheat you, as most of our business runs on client referrals.

8.8 If I don't want to disclose my data with the company, Can I have a Mailing Panel of my own? Will you assist me in using the panel?

Yes indeed, you can be the re-seller client who is interested in buying the mailing panel for your campaign. Dedicated assistance will be provided on how to upload the data on panel. Though, you can blast the campaign by yourself, it is quite user-friendly.

Feel free to call our Toll Free Number at1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347 and ask about email marketing re-seller campaign plan for your business.

9.1 What is Mobile Application?

A Mobile application is application software that is designed to run on smartphones or tablet computers. It serves users with similar services as those accessed on the desktop computers. It is similar to web application development and helps businesses reach out to the customers who prefer to buy using their mobile phones or tablets.

9.2 How it works and how useful it is for my business and customers?

Mobile applications allow the users to access presentations and documents and give updates on process and initiatives and easy communication with customers. Mobile application development can also help you achieve certain business goals and perform business intelligence functions.

9.3 For what platforms do you offer Mobile Applications?

We develop mobile applications for multiple platforms, starting from iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry to target your audience well.

9.4 How much do you charge for Mobile Applications?

If you share the narrow scope/ or a detailed requirement, we will get back to you within 24 hours with approachable prices and with customized solution on application development.

10.1 What is Online Reputation Management, How it works?

Online reputation management is the process of influencing the website visitor to shop or engage with a particular brand. The core of online reputation management is the management of reviews and testimonials. Undoubtedly, good reviews impact the buyer's shopping decisions.

10.2 What is Web Traffic?

Web traffic is known as web visitors who are visit your website. They can be the direct or organic visitors. Direct visitor is the one who visits your website by typing the website URL on google, whereas the organic visitor reaches your website with the help of search engine.

10.3 What is the difference between Web traffic and Web Conversions?

Web traffic refers to the number of visitors on the site and the pages they visit. The total number of web traffic gives the website owner a fair idea of the number of people that visit the website. It is important to know the figure to measure the website's success.

Web conversion is the most critical factor to the success of the online business. It refers to getting the prospects do what you want them to do. Driving web traffic is useless, in case you fail to close the sale.

10.4 Can viral marketing add to my business online?

Viral marketing is all about promoting your products and services aggressively and making them viral online through different digital mediums. Its purpose is not only to boost the customer engagement, but also help in inclusive digital branding to impact the behavior of website visitor. Effective tools for Viral marketing are PPC marketing, reviews marketing management and most importantly social media platforms on internet, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flicker, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and many others.

Feel free to call our Toll Free Number at 1800-123-7347, or 0124-4898-347 to know how viral branding can get you both web traffic and web conversions.

Feel proud to phone us and we'd love to chat on your Web Project

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