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SMS promotional campaign has gained tremendous success and popularity globally over the years. It is a new market technology that has experienced an immense revolution this generation. Unlike traditional modes of marketing like TV commercials, radio or newspaper where people might exercise their choice upon considering the advertisement, SMS promotional marketing campaign enjoys 90% of the readability rate. The user immediately reads the SMS as and when it flashes on his mobile. The reason why SMS promotional marketing is better and more efficient is because this marketing is better targeted towards the readers.

There are two types of SMS Promotional Marketing Campaign :-

1.Transactional SMS Marketing Campaign

Transactional SMS is used by a company to provide information pertaining to integral part of their operations. It contains content directed towards transactional messages. Our transactional SMS domain ensures that the content of transaction is non-promotional in nature and is sent across the registered users only. This genre of messages is circulated amongst the recipients upon the approval from our system. Transactional SMS helps the company to increase its goodwill and confidence amongst its customers.

2.Promotional SMS Marketing Campaign

As the name suggests, promotional sms is the message equipped with a promotional content about a product sent across millions of people. Our promotional messages are dedicated towards familiarizing the mass about the availability of new products and modifications in existing ones. It is a cost effective advertising mechanism as the company can send promotional messages in bulk making it ideal for small-scale business.

Why choose IBrandox for SMS promotional activities?

When you are looking forward to initiate a SMS marketing campaign, you look up to a trustworthy mechanism for managing your messages amongst the receivers wisely. IBrandox brings you wonderful package of SMS marketing associated with outlandish non-stop technical support. It provides you a marketing solution that is unmatchable to any other service industry.

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