Why should you hire iBrandox for performance driven Email Marketing Campaigns ?


Available ethical database across industries such as Real estate, eCommerce, medical, education, automobile etc.

Statistics speak for us: 99% achieved inbox ratio, more than 20% unique views and 5% conversions

Target relevant audience in the mailing list on the basis of user behavior, past response and demographics

Real-time reports for analysis and tracking and accordingly tweaking the campaign if needed

Reports helps to understand click-through, open, bounces, spam complaints, unsubscribes and other important statistics

 Proven 99% inbox ratio, 5% Unique Views, 3% Conversions 

Any successful online marketer can attest to the fact that email marketing is one of the most powerful strategies today. As the name suggests, it entails sending information about products and services to clients using their email address.

To derive maximum benefits from it, you have to first create an emailing list by requesting your clients to give you their address when shopping.

You do not have to send out each email separately, there are programs that allow one to send emails to multiple clients in seconds.

Unlike other strategies and tools, this one is very affordable and effective since its delivers information to specific clients who are more likely to purchase the products.
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Following are the statistics proves, why blasting email campaigns are one of the strategic approaches of digital marketing :-

 Gmail and Yahoo got 289 million users, while Hotmail has 302 million users
 Email is the prefered methods of commercial communication by 74% of all online adults
 More than 50% of consumer make purchases as a direct result of email-drives more conversion
 79% of adults that use the internet, out of 94% sent and read emails
 Very low cost method, where Return On Investment(ROI) is 1$ equal to 44$

At iBrandox, we will get you the best email marketing promotions in Gurgaon that will allow for effective and efficient communication. You too will get a safe and secured Mail service that will boost your performance. Moreover, you will have your mails sorted out for you for easier handling.

Remember, We got a following customer centric approach to bulid your confidence for us to start email marketing campaign for performance driven results:-

Step 1
You Trust On Us For Email Marketing Campaign

Step 2
Immediately, within 24 hours, Client Representative introduce you with Project Manager

Step 3
Get Introductory Welcome Email from Project Manager

Step 4
Customizing mailer designing depending on client feedback

Step 5
Perform HTML coding on email

Step 6
Testing for spams on the mail accounts

Step 7
Perform competitor analysis

Step 8
Filter the database depending on the analysis

Step 9
Sending back reports between 24 to 48 hours

Step 10
Offer you a platform to check Google Analytics Reports to see whether the reports are genuine

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