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obtain-top-notch-logos-from-the-leading-logo-design-company A logo is a symbol that instantly connects one’s mind with the business it represents without one having to mention its name or the products and services it offers. When implementing a logo the primary goal that business owners want to achieve is instant recognition. The mermaid logo of Starbucks is considered an instantly recognizable symbol and can be deemed as an extremely popular logo.

Though the original logo has been changed over time, it has only improved and assisted in earning recognition for the brand. The original logo was in the color brown with a two-tailed mermaid, which stood as a symbol for the intensely striking quality of coffee offered to the customers.

The logo was modified in the late 1980s and made simple by adding long flowing tresses to the mermaid’s image. The logo’s color was also changed to green to represent the prosperity, growth, uniqueness, and freshness of this brand, which was rapidly gaining popularity in those days. A few more modifications made over time, and we have the current logo which most allows most individuals around the world to become aware of the quality being offered to them in the form of the product.

There are numerous companies that wonder if it is necessary to focus on the logo and spend so much time trying to develop the perfect symbol which represents their business. Logos like that of Starbucks make it clear for these businesses to understand that this symbol wins the hearts of customers and they immediately understand the value of the product, even without trying it. So, if you want an outstanding which makes your brand popular and recognizable, you should avail services offered by the iBrandox logo designing company in Gurgaon.

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