Why a Static Website is Convenient for Easy Administration?
why-a-static-website-is-convenient-for-easy-administration This is really a fact that a static website is convenient to handle, in terms of loading, security and addition of attractive features to the site. Since a website plays the role of an online medium between you and your visitors, it should be protected from outside hackers. Stationary designing company in Gurgaon believes in this concept and often focuses on creating a static website for their clients.

When You Consider Security
A static website ensures absolute security against being hacked anytime. As a website owner, you can be completely assured about malevolent code not being inserted into your site at the time of visiting. Static sites are generally produced on a production machine, using static site generators. These generators accept your code and blurt out HTML files combined with JavaScript and CSS. The entire process is executed in a protective way. Static website can prevent any standard hacking from taking place as well.

When You Consider Speed
Actually a website presents CSS, HTML and JavaScript in an understandable format. Whatever is sent right from the server to a static site, they are CSS, HTML and JavaScript as well. So there is no need of time & resources to deliver your site to visitors each single time because you can make a pre-built version set to appear quickly. That is why a static site can be hosted on a CDN which runs heavily faster than a site created with normal CMS.

When You Want Flexibility
A static site also allows a set of options for wishful customization. You can create a blog section in your static site or want your site to appear as a great efficient marketing site. Are you interested to exhibit your business portfolio? A static website is flexible to allow all these features at one place as well.

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