5 Key Advantages of Breadcrumbs Implementation at the time of Web Designing
5-key-advantages-of-breadcrumbs-implementation-at-the-time-of-web-designing Breadcrumbs in web designing are used to facilitate navigation from main menu to other sub sections on the web site. Here are 5 key advantages of why a web designing agency in Gurgaon like iBrandox, would implement breadcrumbs at the time of designing a website.

1. Breadcrumbs are an excellent way to get keywords for the site. Search engines like Google are able to identify navigation trails formed with the use of breadcrumbs as they give more information about the site.

2. Use of breadcrumbs makes navigation to higher levels easier for its users, especially in multi-level websites. It shows the user about his current location and makes it convenient for him to navigate the site no matter how deep the site is.

3. Breadcrumbs occupy very little space on the web page. Since they are horizontally placed on the top of a web page, they cannot be blamed for content overloading, if any on the site.

4. Breadcrumbs are a great way to indulge a visitor for long on the site after he lands on the page he searched for. It also helps a user to reach on the right page faster. In short it reduces a website’s bounce rate.

5. Breadcrumbs are easy to use and implement. This is because of the consistent nature of their being present on the site. The users are familiar with them and when they spot a trail on the web page, they know that their access to the site will now be easier.

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