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8 Things Are Missing On Your Website You Don't Know!!!!

8-things-are-missing-on-your-website-you-don-t-know A Website is the primary meaning that will help you to achieve a goal. A website with elegant design and user friendly functions will draw the maximum number of hits on the web and will help to promote your business venture. But of course in order to designing a good website you will require help from an efficient web designer like iBrandox who will be able to convert your ideas into virtual reality.

A Website is like an implicit platform for showcasing for your business. These days there is fierce competition in any sector of business/ industry. Often Small and Medium Enterprises have to fight it out with corporate giants who have all the resources you can imagine. So in order to survive and turn in a profit, you need to use all your resources as well and going online is one of the tactics that may make the difference. It is now almost universally accepted that with the Web, you can promote your product/ service in front of a large number of people, in the most cost effective manner.

Perhaps the most important purpose of any online website / portal is to grab the attention of potential customers and then help to convert a big portion of the users who visited the site to actual customers. This will help to increase the volume and profit of your business. iBrandox feels that your website has to be appealing enough to the visitor so that he feels like trying out your product or service. First impressions always can make or break a deal. If your homepage is dull and does not look distinguished from other similar sites, any user will hardly be interested in browsing through the site any further. But if you have a striking homepage, it will surely draw the attention of most users. We it is necessary that you establish a strong communication and coordination with the designer of your website and provide him with a vision and insight about your business. This will help him to express those aspects in the design of your business Website.

We at iBrandox.com feel that designing a website is not a walk in the park but it is even more difficult to redesign pages or an entire site.  So take time and invest the right amount of time, money and ideas in your site at the first attempt itself. This will prevent any scenario where you will have to recall the web designer and ask him to redesign it, at the expense of more money and time. To get the job done at the first time, you should keep mind your target users while the site is being designed.
iBrandox offers some vital things to make your Web Development successful:

Easy Navigation
First and foremost element of a good Website Designing is non- complicated navigational layout. If the navigation is complicated, then the visitor cannot surf the site speedily and he might get confused. All the options and menus in the site should be properly indicated so that a user can easily reach what he is looking for without any kind of difficulty. If a user cannot find what he is looking for easily, he may get irritated and leave the site.

Mobile support
With the advent of Smartphones and tablets, websites are viewed in different devices. There it is important to create the site in 2 versions, one for viewing on tablet or smart phone and the other for viewing on Desktop and laptop computers. So those people, who do not use desktop or laptop and use other devices for surfing the internet, will not miss out on your site. This will help to create more potential customers.

The main page of a Website! All other webpage are connected with the homepage with multiple links/ hyperlinks. The homepage works like almost like an advertisement for the website as well as business. iBrandox thinks that the homepage should be aesthetically designed and pleasing to the eye. This will encourage a user to spend more time exploring a site.

Contact Info
A very basic yet important element in Website Designing! If you put contact information on your site, then it will be very easy for users to get in touch with you when they have any queries or any feedback to give. The contact information should consist of the company name, postal address, telephone numbers and email address.

Social Media
Popular social networking sites like Facebook and twitter are used by billions of people and can really help you to pull more users to the site. Create pages on social media and synchronize them with your Website to create a social media platform.

Good Content
Careful effort should be given on the content (text, audio, video etc) of your website. The content should be written in simple language for the benefit of users. Also do not forget to use right key words that are related to your products/ services. This will help the ranking of your site on search engine pages.

Quick Loading
It is better not to use too much multimedia or flash graphics content on the site especially the homepage. Too much graphical content will increase the loading time of every page. Users do not like to wait for long to load pages.  Also users with slower internet connections may find it difficult to view your site.

For that you have to get familiar with likes/dislikes of the users and also their social behavior. There are some key elements that can help to making a website designing maintain decent level of traffic throughout and build a firm online presence. If any of these elements are not present then your website may suffer a dip in popularity over time.

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