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Difference Between Custom Website Design and Templates

Companies are constantly searching for ways in which they can minimize their costs and maximize their profits. However, what organizations fail to understand is that when they need to establish a strong online presence, they shouldn’t think of saving money at all. Rather, the emphasis should be on creating a website that is extremely professional and attractive at the same time. Depending upon their requirements, businesses opt for either custom website design or website templates for structuring their websites. So, if you are all set to create your very own business website then read on to find out more about the differences between custom website design and website templates.

Custom Website Design and Website Templates
Custom Web Design is all about creating unique-looking websites that are specifically designed as per the owner’s requirements. Thus, by seeking assistance from website design companies in Gurgaon such as iBrandox, businesses can create an innovative and interesting website of their own.

On the other hand, website templates are more like ready-made website designs that can easily be downloaded or purchased and used for setting up a website. Thus, website templates are typically used by businesses and individuals who want to set up their websites within a very limited frame of time and budget.

Differences Between Custom Web Design and Website Template
When it comes to choosing between Website templates and custom website design, it is important that you seek the expert advice of professional website development companies such as iBrandox. A good website designing company will first look into your specific requirements and accordingly provide you with suitable suggestions regarding the method that would be ideal for your website. Following are some of the differences between Custom Web Design and Website Template:

Design: Custom website design is created specifically for organizations who desire unique-looking websites for their businesses. Thus, the layout of custom websites is totally unique and designed using different elements such as services, products, and the logo of the concerned organization.

On the other hand, website templates are created to provide a generalized view of how a website can look after it has been fully incorporated. Thus, a template can be used by any organization and isn’t unique. There is no point in having a website that doesn’t look unique as it won’t create an everlasting impression on your visitors and existing and potential customers.

Security Matters: Web designers who create a custom website are fully aware of the components and codes that have been used for constructing the same. This will make your website much more secure and provide you with the flexibility of approaching your team of site designers, whenever the site experiences any kind of problems.
Website templates, however, have to be downloaded or purchased, which means you have absolutely no knowledge regarding the codes that have been used for designing them. In fact, the free-of-cost available templates consist of secret codes, which are used for collating information and may also end up compromising your website.

SEO Friendly: A professional web designing team will create a custom website, which is SEO friendly, whereas the website templates are downloaded or purchased, and hence you will have a very limited idea regarding the codes that have been used for constructing the site. Besides, their an ample number of web templates available on the internet that aren’t SEO friendly and therefore need configuration as well as installation of additional plugins or scripts for them to function properly.

Ability to Adapt Features: Custom websites are designed in accordance with the requirements of the owner of the website. On the other hand, the templates are pre-designed and a designer can make only a couple of changes here and there to design them in accordance with the needs of the site owner.

Apart from the above, a custom website also provides a better user experience, when compared to templates since it is both well planned and uniquely designed. In a nutshell, custom websites are much more flexible and easily scalable. They are costlier but are far more effective in comparison to the template website. The templates, on the flip side, are ideal for companies that are looking for an affordable and quick web presence.

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