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Difference Between Website Designing and Web Development: iBrandox

difference-between-website-designing-and-web-development-ibrandox Website designing and web development are two different terms which define two entirely different aspects. For a layman both terms may seems synonyms, however both denote highly distinctive aspects that are related to a website. The differences between the two have been explored below by iBrandox, website designing and development Company in Gurgaon:

Website designing, as the name implies, deals with the designing aspect of a website, wherein the aesthetics and usability of the user interface are improved by designing. The overall look, imagery, graphics, font, theme and colours incorporated into a website are all planned, designed and then executed by a designer, who combines the various disciplines of design. A website designer’s goal is to deliver a website which looks great, grabs and retains one’s attention and is user friendly. Simply put the user interface and the look of a website form its frontend.
  • Designing aspect forms the frontend or the user interface.
  • The frontend is the presentation layer.
  • Frontend revolves around the look and aesthetic appeal of a website.
  • Websites which have only been designed and not developed are static in nature.
  • Static sites do not necessitate a database owing to their fundamental design.
  • Website designers specialize in HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
The backend of a website is synonymous with web development, which deals with the programming aspect of a website. The backend comprises of servers, databases and other elements that are not visible to users. Development ensures that a website keeps running smoothly and effectively at all times. In order to function correctly, a website needs to be developed using codes and scripts. The interactions between webpages, the functionalities of the site and how users navigate and use the site are all determined through its development.

The look of a website may attract visitors, however if the site fails to perform correctly or as expected visitors will soon leave. Hence, development of a website is equally important, as it has the power of making visitors revisit. 
  • Development aspect forms the backend which powers and runs a website.
  • The backend is the data access layer.  
  • The backend determines the functionalities of a website, whilst ensuring it runs smoothly.
  • Security, structure and management of content are all dependent on a site’s development.
  • Websites which have been developed are dynamic in nature.
  • Dynamic websites feature a database due to the constant alterations being made in the form of updates.
  • Web developers excel in.NET & PHP. 
The success of a website depends on both its front-end and its back-end, because both go hand in hand. One can perceive them as two components within a sole entity since; one shapes the other and they are co-dependent.   

At iBrandox, Gurgaon’s premier web designing and web development agency, we transform our client’s vision into captivating reality. We exceed client expectations through our expertise and through state of the art technology, which empowers us and facilitates the creation of unique web designs. Our web designers are creative and artistic, and excel in CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Our web developers are well versed with techniques used to program CGI, and scripts such as PHP. Additionally, they also excel in the creation and incorporation of web forms and other vital elements. Both these professionals abide by industry standards to make your website a hit and to ensure the success of your website, your brand and your business.

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