iBrandox Successfully Designs & Delivers Duraplast’s Web Portal
ibrandox-successfully-designs-delivers-duraplast-s-web-portal Web design and development is a tedious process that requires attention to detail, planning, idea generation, a number of technicalities and more. The task gets even more difficult when one needs to design a crisp, easy to navigate and high-quality website that enables a business to outpace its competitors. Faridabad based Duraplast wanted a clean, professional and attractive website to cater to the roofing needs of their existing and potential clients. The company wanted an experienced, knowledgeable and flexible team of web designers when iBrandox came to their rescue. Continue reading to find out more about the iBrandox process and approach for Duraplast’s web designing project.

Project Requirements
Located in Faridabad (Haryana), Duraplast is renowned for offering a wide range of premium quality and durable roofing items. The company caters to a wide base of clients including leading manufacturing, architectural, construction, industrial and commercial firms across the country. Duraplast’s client portfolio consists of reputed brands such as Tata Chemicals Ltd, Cadbury, Yamaha, Hero, Wipro, and LG among others.

The company was looking for a web designing team that would understand their specific requirements and ensure timely delivery of their web portal. After interacting and cross-checking the credentials and portfolio of a number of companies, Duraplast handed their web designing project to the web development experts at iBrandox.

How iBrandox Handled Duraplast’s Project?
At the outset of the meeting, Duraplast made it clear that they wanted their website to feature their company profile, offerings, blogs as well as other aspects such as details of their production facility, channel partners, patrons, corporate social responsibility, team members and news & updates. The company also insisted on having a clean and smooth website that made browsing quick and convenient for their visitors/clients.

After assessing their website specific needs, iBrandox team members assembled together to discuss different ideas and suggestions for creating an impressive and user-friendly website for Duraplast. During the brainstorming session, the web development team came up with a multitude of designs and patterns to structure a layout. This layout was later sent t client for their feedback and suggestions. Based on client feedback, specific changes were incorporated to develop a final layout, which was later shared with them for their approval. After receiving a go-ahead from Duraplast, the iBrandox team developed the final website after fully testing it for compatibility on popular browsers. After successfully testing the website on multiple browsers, the website was made live by iBrandox web professionals.

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