Is your website SEO-Friendly?
is-your-website-seo-friendly When you are making a website of your own you must ensure that a systematic approach is followed in the web designing so that your website is SEO friendly. The following points must be considered while you make website in Gurgaon from SEO perspective.

Thorough research of keywords
A thorough research of keywords has to be made before designing your SEO friendly website. There are many research tools available like word tracker that can suggest the databases that attract web traffic.

Placement of Keywords
  • Placement of keywords is very important.
  • The article should have good keyword density.
  • Place the keywords in the URL. Separate the multiple keywords with dashes in between.
  • The use of keywords should not hamper the meaning of the sentence.
  • The domain name, anchor text describing the links, Meta tags and title should contain the keywords.
Title Tags and Meta Description
They play an important role in SEO rankings. The title tag must always be at the top of the page and the Meta descriptions should be accurate as well.

Regular Update of the Contents
The content of the website must be regularly updated so that the visitors searching on the basis of keywords can find your website easily.

Word Count Plays an Important Role
If you want to make your site SEO friendly then the content of the web page should be of at least 250 words.

Create Back-links
The search engines rank the websites on the basis of their link popularity. Creating back-links shall direct the traffic to your website.

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