Principles of Web designing
principles-of-web-designing We live in a day and age of digital communications and transactions, most people are into online shopping in a big way and it makes sense for e-commerce companies to create website in Gurgaon in order to cash in on burgeoning market of the rich and the newly rich people who can very well afford to pay for goods through online transactions.

A company is as good as the website it has, and these websites are constantly being upgraded to suit the need of changing demographics as well. Let us take a look at what the principles of a good website designer are;
  • The purpose of the website: Any designer will take into account the core purpose of the website first and foremost. Is it a financial website dealing in stocks? Or is it an informative website. Does the website cater to customers? These are the questions that run through the mind of the designer when he sits down with a blank template.
  • Communication: If you look at the website design from a customer’s viewpoint, you would want information at your fingertips, quickly. This is taken into account with the help of headlines, bullets and numbering to make the information digestible.
  • Typeface: Fonts like Verdana and Arial are easier to read on the Net. The font size for ideal reading is 16px and a maximum of three kinds of typefaces. This makes it easier for the reader.
  • Colours: The colours should be in accordance with the logo and should complement one another.
  • The images: A picture can say a lot, so care should be taken while uploading them.
  • The “F” pattern: Most of us focus on the top, and the left side of the screen, hence the layout should be such that important information is there on the top left.
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