Pros and Cons of Parallax Website
pros-and-cons-of-parallax-website Parallax effect in websites is the latest innovation in technology of website development. This technique delivers the graphic effects which are quite engaging and exciting to look at. In a parallax website, the background images move slower than the foreground images which makes the background images appear far away. This technology was first used in making 2D video games. Parallax websites are one page sites unlike standard websites which are multi page. To get a parallax site designed, one needs to approach an expert in the field of website development like iBrandox in Gurgaon, which has delivered quality sites with its expertise in the industry. Like any other technology, a parallax site also has some pros and cons attached to it.

Pros of Parallax Website

Parallax sites are gaining popularity because of its look and feel good factor. Some of the benefits of a parallax site are mentioned below:
  • It helps to increase the credibility of the organization. Visitors who visit the site appreciate it because of the innovative viewing experience. A site got designed form an experienced agency will be high in usability and will strike a balance between information and appearance.
  • A parallax site is able to evoke curiosity among users. If the site is really interesting, the user feels rewarded when upon scrolling the site, he experiences some intriguing and exciting effects.
  • For a site which does not have lot of information to share, a parallax site can work best with its graphic effects. Floating images will enhance the appearance of the web page giving it a dramatic look.
  • A good parallax site will keep the visitors engrossed for long. It is important to design an interactive site which will lead to engaging users for more time as compared to a standard website.
  • Longer stay on the site increases the traffic and it also increases ranking on Google. Both will help to make the site popular.
  • Parallax effect is not just limited to giving 2D effects but it can also be used to add effects such as enlarging the icon or movement of the icon.
Cons of Parallax Website
It is imperative to design a parallax site carefully as too much of everything can spoil the show. Too much of scrolling can cause irritation to visitors which can force them to leave the site even before reaching the area which you wanted them to see. A parallax site scores high on visual effects but it lacks in some of the technical aspects:
  • Parallax sites are fully loaded and may face problem to generate the effect and load the images on slow internet connection.
  • It is at times not appealing for people to simply scroll down a long page.
  • Since parallax sites are single page sites, they are not SEO friendly.
  • Use of a single URL in a parallax site affects its search-ability as there is no internal page linking in such type of sites.
  • Parallax sites are at time not compatible with mobile phones and thus these sites do not work perfectly in their mobile versions. 
A parallax site can without any doubt create an impression which will last longer in the minds of the visitors. It is a great way to exhibit your creativity and devotion to new technology. If you decide to get one built for your organization make sure it’s a great one as you would hardly get those search engine visitors for your site. You can get in touch with iBrandox which is one of the fastest growing website companies in Gurgaon.

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