Website Designing: Bootstrap vs. Media Queries
website-designing-bootstrap-vs-media-queries Web designing has now become a very vast and fast growing area of technology. There are some best web designing and web development company in Gurgaon, which are growing due to their expertise and efficiency in this industry. In order to create websites and web applications, there are some tools which help the developer in this process. Bootstrap and Media Queries are two such tools for creating websites.

Bootstrap is a front-end web development tool which enables a developer to build a site which can be easily accessed by the users and is presented in a form which is easy to read and navigate on different types of devices. It contains HTML and CSS based templates as well as JavaScript extensions. It supports responsive web designing and has adopted a mobile first design philosophy.

Media Queries
Media Queries is a CSS3 module that allows content to adjust itself according to conditions such as screen resolution. It is a W3C standard and is now a cornerstone technique in responsive web design. Media Queries open up the spectrum of possibilities with the media attribute that controls how the styles get applied. It allows the developer to target certain class of devices and also aids to inspect the physical characteristics of these devices.

Media Queries is a part of Bootstrap 3 and is used to define style rules for various media types. It checks the width and height of the browser window on different devices, orientation and resolution of these devices and many such aspects. iBrandox, a fast growing web designing agency in Gurgaon uses these tools to give the best services to its clients.

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