What is Accordion in Web Design?
what-is-accordion-in-web-design Accordion is stacking of items like labels or thumbnails, which can be clicked in order to hide or reveal some kind of information associated with them. It is a very useful and practical way of handling content on websites. Several windows are placed on one another and only their title is visible. Upon clicking a particular window it stretches and reveals some information. Upon clicking another window, the first one closes automatically and you have details of the second item. This feature in any site helps to reduce overload of information on any given page. A common example of accordion is the Show/Hide button. Introduction of accordion in web designing has taken the entire process of developing a website to a new realm of designing. If you want accordions to be a part of presenting your site and are looking for an expert help, contact iBrandox the best web designing company in Gurgaon Delhi NCR region.

Some advantages of having accordion in your website design are:
  • Effectively manages overabundance of information
  • Each interface works differently on the basis of the layout
  • Accessible on mobile phones as well
  • Minimizes scrolling time
  • Shaded windows help to make a faster choice
Accordion keeps revealing material to users in a progressive manner thus enabling them to differentiate between readable and ignorable information. They shorten the long web pages and make the page look colorful and easy to navigate. With one click they have details of the given label which helps the user to decide which item to click in order to access relevant information.

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