Where Does Website Designing Go Wrong?
where-does-website-designing-go-wrong All of us go through numerous websites a day and while some stand out, other simply don’t quite make the cut. So what are the elements of a good website and how does it affect our visual experience? iBrandox, who specialize in web designing for companies in Delhi, has some answers:
  • The search box: the web has tons of information and in these days, nobody has the time to sift through everything. So a visible search box is essential.
  • Readability and legibility: this is crucial to web design. A goo interface will grab attention, but users have to be able to read text to gather information. Some websites have very bad colour schemes and fonts that make it difficult to read.
  • Unorganized content layout: the structure of the content determines the success or failure of the site. Users do not read until absolutely essential. They instead scan through the text and pick out points of interest. Some designers just put up a block of text, neglecting headings, sub-headings, bullets, keywords and paragraphs.
  • Bad navigation: this is something that can totally ruin customer experience so avoid it at all costs.
  • Interface design: some designers create websites which have inconsistent templates and design, hence this annoys the customer.
  • Unfriendly screen resolution: a versed designer will create websites that fit on all screen sizes. Standard is 1024X768 pixels.
  • Complicated registration forms: registration forms are tricky. Users visit a website for information and it is not the other way round.
  • Too many images: this is a turn-off for most visitors. In its place, animation is a more powerful medium.
  • Cluttered pages: this also puts off visitors from websites as the clutter makes information gathering difficult.

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