Why just hiring a website designer doesn’t quite cut it anymore?
why-just-hiring-a-website-designer-doesn-t-quite-cut-it-anymore Mixing Business with pleasure
While you might be forgiven for thinking that you can effectively perform SEO after your website has been built, expecting your website/graphic designer to successfully integrate the basic fundamentals of SEO is plain folly. Both fields are different areas of specialization that require focused attention from the get go.

Prevention is always better
The ideal way to go about building your corporation’s first website would be to have the two teams (website designer as well as SEO optimizer) working together from the ground up. This is by far the most cost effective approach to realizing results that have been obtained by use of proper White hat methodologies. It would be a real shame to discover once your site has been launched, that no search engine could actually access your domain because your website designer did not know that using HTML navigation set up by JavaScript cannot be indexed. There are also a slew of other factors that come into play here like proper page structuring, and load time optimization and appealing graphic design that your SEO specialist might not be proficient at.

Making the Right choices
Hiring a company like that provides both services at the same time will provide you the most cost effective solution in the long run and will further insure you against any post launch site redesign. If you are already armed with the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from attaining guaranteed success.

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