A content management system or a static website!
a-content-management-system-or-a-static-website Having a CMS or Content Management System backed up a website or a static website depends completely on one’s needs and ambitions for the business. Depending upon the kind of content you want to update, the frequency of the updates that need to be done in the content, and the third party service like from Facebook, Wufoo, and Disquis available to you, you can finalize your website format. Each system has its own set of merits and demerits but the one which offers maximum convenience and user-friendliness wins the race.

The burden on the database is higher on CMS!
CMS was a technique derived to lower the burden on the content writers who had to write a new HTML script for new content created by them by storing the templates in the database. Though, the burden on writers decreased by many folds but the database had to do lot of processing to search the related template. In a static website entire content is created offline and uploaded together. This will reduce the burden and storage in database and improves the processing time.

The risk factor is high in CMS!
Though scripting is much easy in CMS, the risk of data getting hacked is also high in it. A single website with poor security can pave the way for entire data for the hackers. That data can be used for all the malicious purposes by the hackers. In static websites, the data and the backup is in your computer, and the vulnerability of the data is low.

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