Does Your Company Make These Digital Marketing Mistakes?
does-your-company-make-these-digital-marketing-mistakes Digital marketing is in its infant stages yet organizations in all industries recognize the potential and worth that it has to offer. From smartphones to social media, digital is the way that consumers operate on a daily basis. Not all companies have the same level of digital adoption, yet they all run the risk of committing these mistakes that can hinder future growth and development. iBrandox has identified some of the common ones which we take a look at:
  • Traditional marketing and digital marketing often operate as separate entities. But just like organizations that cannot function effectively with silo departments, marketing teams will not find success if the traditional and digital channels remain divided.
  • A lot of companies or brands lack the vision, proper planning and the required dedication and commitment when chalking out their digital marketing strategies. Implementing incorrect systems at the start will lead to under performance.
  • A lot of digital marketers tend to implement programs that lack the purpose and thereby reduce the trust levels of customers.
  • Brands often produce content simply for the sake of it and without relevance. Since they believe that customer interactions happen across all touch-points, they rush to produce a flood of steady content without giving regard to the platform.
  • Marketers think that they can and should monitor every point possible. In doing so most find themselves drowning in a sea of unnecessary data. Not all customer information and behavioral data can be brought to action and neither should it be.

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