Focus on Core Areas to Optimize Page Speed!
page-speed-optimization-tips Page speed optimization should be your priority for better SEO results. A renowned SEO company namely iBrandox recommends that website owners should include this aspect into their SEO strategy as it is one of the important criteria to convince visitors to come back to your site times and again.

Importance of Page Speed Optimization
Page speed optimization is important to achieve a good ranking for your website. Page speed is a technical term implying the amount of time a particular page takes to load completely. Many companies offering SEO services in India, as well as several Google reports, suggest site speed serves as an important search ranking factor.

Now you know how much important page speed is for good website ranking on search result pages. How to improve the speed of your website pages? Here are some effective ways to do that:

Time to First Byte
A crucial area worth considering to get a hand on how to increase your page speed is the amount of time your browser takes to get the first byte of information from the webserver you are using. In technical jargon, it is referred to as ‘Time to First Byte’. Google’s PageSpeed Insights is the most trusted to assess your site speed. It polls data from the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) to measure reports from DCL (DOM Content Loaded) and FCP (First Content Paint). Professional SEO experts India inform using this Google tool to run a test provides an insight into site speed as well as includes valuable suggestions on areas to focus on for speed improvement.

Your Web Host
Many jumps for website redesigning to improve page speed and finding out the plugins responsible for poor speed. However, these factors are not culprit always. Your web hosting plays the most decisive role in the speed of your website loading. You can run a one-page website on some host services and your users may still fall short of experiencing fast loading.

According to reports, even mediocre web hosting makes a significant contribution towards how fast a page loads. Some factors including geographic proximity to users, the size of your server’s RAM, bandwidth limit and the number of clients served by a single server contribute to speed and performance of your website on any server. Nearly three-fourth of users will never come back to your website that takes more than 4 seconds for loading. A reputed SEO company Delhi warns that you should not tie-up with a poor hosting service provider just to save a few hundred dollars as it will cost you heavy loss in opportunities.

Clean Website Codes
Another important area to focus on for page speed improvement is the codes used for website making. This area is better controlled and managed by technical professionals. By making sure that no code is off will help your website load more quickly.

When checking website codes that are likely to affect your website speed, the followings are important areas to look into:
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Theme Files
SEO services Delhi companies inform the website owners that if theme files are poorly configured, it is likely to conflict with the browser you’re using. It is needless to say that this will adversely affect the speed of your website loading.

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