Celebrity Makeup Artist-Supriti Batra
A pleasure to share we have recently delivered one of the websites of renowned celebrity makeup artists in Gurgaon. She is a passionate makeup artist and running a professional makeup studio in the city. The website has been customized starting from the logo designing, homepage (also known as landing or index page), discover supriti, supriti's showcase, her makeup up feeds, and many other modules that have been developed dynamically by iBrandox, the best web designing company in Gurgaon.

The website has been designed to keep the beauty industry as a benchmark to stand off the page and drive good traffic on the website to boost internet marketing for the client. Therefore, the website has been developed on responsive technology, can be viewed on multiple devices.

Responsive website designing is known as one website, many devices compatible. One doesn't need to spend money on multiple websites, at a time this technology will help to overview the website on different devices.
This concept and the technology brought good results and made the website user-friendly, fast, simple to use and the client is delighted.

Website can be viewed: -

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