Which server is best for your E-commerce?
which-server-is-best-for-your-e-commerce According to a recent research it has been found that ecommerce sales will increase by 2017. Since the market in going to expand so much it is important for every business to that their website efficient at topmost condition.

Hosting makes you accessible to your customers through the world wide web. It stores your website files on servers with a very fast internet. It makes your customers browse through your website flawlessly and without any trouble. Now there are many types of web hosting and each one of them has their own sets of pros and cons.

Shared Server is one of the popular choices among the smaller websites. It saves your time as someone else would be taking care of your website. It is easy to upload, add database and an email account. A VPS server is better than a shared server. In this you can start with the minimum amount of resources you have and then increase you hosting plans depending on your needs. Cloud server is for those who receive a greater traffic than a shared server. It provides multiple server computers which will provide better performance during traffic. You get higher speed and space is affordable than a Dedicated server.

In a dedicated server everything about your website will be hosted exclusively in this servers hard drives. No one other than you will be able to access them. The safety measures are the best advantages this drive provides you. However compared to other type of servers this is the costliest one.

Now what kind of server you will use completely depends on you.  But if you are looking for professional help then contact iBrandox for a 360 degree solution for your entire server, web development and website related queries.

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