What is B2B and B2C Website? Which Website Should I Go For?
what-is-b2b-and-b2c-website-which-website-should-i-go-for A B2B website is a website which is designed for selling various products for the purpose of business. A B2B website cannot be used for retails and other consumers. B2B website is critically designed for companies who have selling circles all across the world.

A B2C website is a website which is designed for selling various products for the purpose of customer’s use. A B2C can be used for retails and other consumers. These companies hire sales team who engage themselves with the customers for their welfare and try to facilitate the services and products of their company.

Key features of B2B website:
  • The B2B website can be found through search engine. Which means any B2B website should be optimized in such a way that it can be looked for in the search engines. The best B2B websites are optimized in such a way using keyword strategy that various search engine optimization techniques are available.
  • In addition to this, the B2B websites use content management system known as CMS. For this reason the best B2B websites are built with the help of certain platforms like Drupal and Word Press which are CMS used. With the help of CMS one can also upload or publish content easily in their company website. In this way it becomes very easy for the other businesses to review the latest update of any company or business organization.
  • The sites,, and are good examples of B2B websites
Key features of B2C website:
  • B2C on the other hand is a business to consumer website where commercial transaction happens on a real platform. Here the business end can sell their products and services to their customers directly. The consumers on the other side can receive their commodities via this amazing framework.
  • Online shopping websites are the best example of a B2C website.
  • The B2C model is the type of website which is most familiar among each one of us. Apart from shopping websites, the other familiar B2C websites are subscribing to TV channels, dinning or eating at a restaurant and etc.
Which website should I go for?
According to the business requirements, if your business demands a B2B website then one should go for a CMS oriented base (either Drupal or Word Press). And if your business requirements demand B2C then go for a service/product offering website to the customers. B2C are easy to manage B2B are helpful for generating revenue. You can even check with renowned companies like iBrandox to help you guide and make the right decision.

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