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What is difference between B2B and B2C website?

what-is-difference-between-b2b-and-b2c-website While we think that there are number similarities between B2B website and B2C website, yet there prevail quite a few differences between the two.

The 10 major differences between B2B website and B2C website are:-
  1. The first and foremost important difference between the two is the industrial jargon. Marketers of B2B platform can use technical language to reach out to their client end but the B2C marketers must use easy and simple language which their customers can relate to.
  2. Efficiency and expertise are the two most prominent factors which are monitored by the B2B audience. On the other hand the B2C customers seek entertainment and better deals.
  3. Logically driven customers chose B2B platform whereas the customers for B2C are emotionally driven or triggered by hunger, cost, desire and status.
  4. Education and experience are the criteria on which the B2B customers want to get acknowledged with. But the clientele of B2C framework demand for heroic and rocking acknowledgement. B2C customers basically are those who look for enjoyment.
  5. Another difference is the content development difference. The content matter of any B2B website is far more detailed than a B2C website. Whereas on the other hand the subject matter of B2C website can be short and crisp (especially for the low cost products and services). The content of B2B website gives its customers the reason to buy a brand or big business product which is famous and has a good name.
  6. The chain of command which B2C websites basically deal with is much longer process. Considering the buying circle and decision processes B2B platform is much more developed and vast.
  7. B2C cater the immediate needs of the customers whereas B2B satisfy the long term goals.
  8. B2B has a huge contract and line of business with their customers but B2C's contracts may last as short as required.
  9. Marketing techniques followed by both is yet another criterion which can be considered as the major point of difference.
  10. For B2B websites publishing huge content on their website and managing it by their own is the basic challenge which they might face. On the other hand B2C websites have to do a lot of advertisement for their product and sales promotion.
Despite of owing so many differences, each work on the same marketing profile that is P2P (Person to Person). And the choice of an individual entirely lies on the line of business one has. Talk to experienced developers at iBrandox.com for any queries that you have.

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