5 Key Advantages of Dot NET for Website Development
5-key-advantages-of-dot-net-for-website-development 1. Trouble free Maintenance- The amount of maintenance required is an essential aspect of any framework. Applications developed through Dot NET (.NET) are easy to maintain as modification is possible without re-writing the entire code. So the cost of ownership falls drastically, as they can be modified without re-writing the entire code. This in turn lowers the entire cost of ownership.

2. Ease of Widening of Dimension- When a company grows in size and scale, a web site developed on a Dot Net framework would take a much lesser time is re-developing, so as to match the expanded scale and size, thus saving cost, time and resources.

3. Reduction of Marketing Time- Any existing skills and applications may be leveraged with the help of this framework thus resulting in building an IT infrastructure at a faster pace. All existing applications can easily be turned into XML Web services; without the need of recompiling or rewriting.

4. Language Independent- Being language independent, it works with just a simple and common technique, thus making the task easier as you need to write a lot lesser code.

5. Secure and Reliable- This is one of the most successful developments of Dot Net framework. Its level of security is very high. A large number of mechanisms like Role-based Security, Code Access Security and Application Security protect the resources and codes from any unauthorized codes and users.

Ease of application development and loads of benefits makes Dot Net framework a clear favorite among the developers. You can get in contact with us iBrandox, who can customize your Dot Net development as per your needs at very affordable rates.

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