What are Breadcrumbs in Website Development?
what-are-breadcrumbs-in-website-development Breadcrumbs in website development refer to the navigation scheme that guides the user about his location in a website. It helps the user to trace his path back from where he started on the website. They are usually on the top of the web page below the header or the title bar. They are useful to users to find their way back and enhance a user’s website visit experience. It also improves the search ability of web pages and their sections. A company like iBrandox, a web development agency in Gurgaon has adopted the concept of breadcrumbs in website process.

Why There is a Requirement of Breadcrumbs in a Website?
Breadcrumbs are usually used by those sites which have very large amount of organized content to be displayed on their website. They are represented as follows:

Home Page > Section Page > Subsection page 1 > Subsection page 2

This shows us which page is located where in the website. Breadcrumbs are commonly found in e-commerce sites which use them to group their categories logically. Using breadcrumbs for a single page website or the ones which have no grouping on their site can prove fatal. Breadcrumbs are responsible for improving a user’s ability to navigate within different categories on the website. A visitor can jump to a higher level on the site simply with one-click. Website development agency in Gurgaon like is developing user friendly and search engine optimized sites with the help of breadcrumbs.

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