Ecommerce 101 for Dummies
ecommerce-101-for-dummies This is the generation of laziness. I am actually not kidding. People want everything at their fingertips; at the touch of a button. But what can you do as a shrewd businessman to take advantage of this fact? Enable the people, of course. Get your own eCommerce site up and running and sit back and watch as the money just keeps flowing in.

But how do you make your first foray into this world of eCommerce development?
You need a website first of all. One with good design and the ability to enable the maximum conversions from your potential visitor! You have no idea how far having an easy to use customer friendly website goes in this regard. If you have way too many menus, people just tend to get lost in this literal maze of choices and end up leaving due to frustration. Did I forget to mention you also need a cool domain name? One that will instantly pique the interest of people and draw them in after which your killer inventory just makes them want to give you all their money.

Next up would be taking care of all the technical stuff. A Secure Payment Gateway with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is of course an unsaid requirement. Protects customer privacy, absolves you of any allegations of black money handling, etc.

Parting Words
Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? It’s easy if you try software like Magento or Joomla. Or, you could also hire eCommerce development companies like to your dirty work for you.

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