What are the crucial factors of E-commerce Website Design?
what-are-the-crucial-factors-of-e-commerce-website-design Everyone is jumping onto the e-commerce bandwagon, but if you do not consider some factors, you might be facing a loss in investment. Let us take a look at how these factors come into effect for ecommerce website Gurgaon.
  • A Responsive Design: With mobiles coming into use and becoming increasingly user-friendly, it is important to consider the fact that a lot of customers will look at your website on their smartphones. Hence responsive designing is the call of the hour, because about one fourth of your sales will be conducted from smartphones, if surveys are to be believed.
  • Guest Checkouts: While a lot of e-commerce websites need one to sign up with a username and password, you have to understand that a lot of shoppers will not want to go through the hassle of doing so in order to buy your product. Hence, it becomes imperative that along with a regular account creation process, your website also allows for guest checkouts.
  • Search Function: In order to streamline user experience, the inclusion of a search function within your site vastly improves customer experience and satisfaction. The best example is a faceted search.
  • Security: Each and every e-commerce site should have SSL encryption. This helps to keep credit and debit card details private and immune to hacking. Also, customer information like phone number, address and email details are secured safely. You will also be required to maintain PCI compliance.
  • Site Performance: Surveys have revealed that about 40% of customers will leave your site if it does not load within 3 seconds of opening. This especially rings true for smartphone users who often multitask.
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