What to remember while designing e-commerce websites?
what-to-remember-while-designing-e-commerce-websites We’ve all shopped online from a website and know what the experience is like. There’s an annoying and endless field that asks you everything from what your grandfather used to have for lunch right down to your pet dog’s name. That’s just the start, you’ll b peppered with offers you don’t want, not to mention of the spam in your inbox filling up.

So here are some things designers have to keep in mind while going about designing an E-commerce Website:
  • Discounts: Remember that everyone is interested in getting a better deal and so if they do not find it on your website, they’ll migrate. Keep the discounts option open to maintain retention.
  • Product details: Since the customer is not physically inspecting the goods, he or she relies totally on your description of the product, and I think an ancient proverb said that a picture says a thousand words. A professional photographer would do a good job under proper lighting conditions.
  • No registering by force: This is an issue which needs to be taken seriously as a lot of customers are discouraged by the lengthy registration process. Ensure that the website is free to browse for all, registration being required only while purchasing.
  • One click orders: This is a practice followed by E-commerce Website Design in Gurgaon and particularly by a leader like iBrandox. Customers do not have time to waste; otherwise they would have walked into your retail store and shopped in the traditional way. One click orders make it far easier for them on E-commerce Websites.

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