Factors Important For Revamping Website!
factors-important-for-revamping-website Website or eCommerce portal is the face of your business for the world. If you are an owner of an online business then you must understand the fact that the first and lasting impression on the client can be made only by an impressive website. Your website should not only be able to attract potential clients but should also give a detailed overview of you and your business. Apart from that client should be able to easily navigate through the website and complete the task at hand.

If you are planning to revamp your website then it is very important to consider few points before you start the process of redesigning. Some of them are discussed below:
  • Purpose of redesigning: Every business activity has a purpose attached to it. You must also have decided to revamp the website to solve some purpose. It can be making the website all the more attractive, or improve the sales conversion number of the website, or simplifying navigation through the website, or improving search engine ranking. It is very important to identify the purpose of revamping and then take a decision accordingly.
  • Type of revamping you want: It is again a crucial aspect that further depends on many other factors like budget, time availability, and workforce availability. Your website may require minor changes in visuals and text or you can get certain features added to the website for the convenience of the customers or you may also need to start from scratch and redo everything.
  • Keeping the productive features intact: Maybe your current website is not that productive and not bringing the desired results but there can be some features that are very useful. It is very important to identify those features and keep them intact on the website. You may improvise them but should not remove the features which are working well for you.
  • Study statistics well: It is very important to study the number of entries and how many of them go to the end to the exit page. Apart from that number of sales conversions, the number of inquiries, the keywords by which your website has been found, how people usually end up at your website are some important factors to study.
  • Your brand should be bold and clear on the website. People should start knowing you and your business by your brand name.
Website redesign company like iBrandox can be a great help in considering all the above factors.

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