Factors to Bear in Mind for Revamping Websites Amidst COVID-19
The coronavirus pandemic has led almost every business to recreate their marketing budgets for the year 2020. Organizations are thinking of adopting new strategies for online marketing and promotion. Given that a website acts as a tool for business promotion and is also helpful in connecting with the target clients, it is only wise that companies consider website revamping to scale their business post-COVID-19. Continue reading to discover the factors that you need to keep in mind before you choose to revamp your existing website.

Factors to Bear in Mind before Revamping Your Website
According to a social media report, 94 percent of individuals don't trust websites with poor design. So, if you feel that your website isn't adaptive, isn't getting your desired business results or has an outdated design then now is the right time to opt for website revamping services.

Is the content strategy working in your favor?
Given the coronavirus outbreak, people are witnessing a strict lockdown and are hence tied to their homes. However, this also an apt time to revisit your website and determine whether your content strategy is actually working in your favour or not. If not, then you can plan a better content strategy that will eventually find you more leads, higher sales and improved business results in the long run, particularly post lockdown. Thus, if you have more broken links, site errors and poor content or even if you simply notice that the bounce rate is high, it is a good idea to seek website revamping services.

Review Your Marketing Efforts
Often, it is an improper marketing strategy that impacts your website’s performance. Therefore, you can review your current online marketing strategy and practices to understand how you can improve your website once the lockdown comes to an end. If you think that email marketing campaigns and weekly newsletters will help you to connect with your target audiences, then now is the right time.

Know What Competition is up to
Yes. This is also the time to find out what your competitors are up to. Check their website and prepare a list of all the changes that they may or may not have incorporated. Next, determine if you need to incorporate them into your business website too. If it will help you to better promote your business and improve its online ranking, then you must opt for website revamping services.

While it’s important to keep the above factors in mind, it is equally important that you hire a professional website revamping service provider such as iBrandox. The website redesigning experts at iBrandox offer a full-suite of revamping services to provide it with a renewed look and functionality.

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