Best time to Redesign your Website
best-time-to-redesign-your-website Website is a very important tactic of attracting customers towards your company and its products. It is an essential marketing strategy that offers you, customers, on a global scale and builds on your customer loyalty. In this era of globalization, it is required that we follow the technology where it takes us. Therefore, it makes extremely necessary that we give our website the best look and make it look as informative and pictorial as possible.

We need to realize that our customers have a very hectic schedule. Therefore, they want their work faster and efficiently. Slow, unresponsive websites are not appreciated by our customers. This leads to a drop in viewership which affects your position on the search engine. Hence, the depreciation in our customers triggers a drop in our revenues and our company position. So going with the era of modernization and enticing websites, it's better we redesign our old websites.

You may wonder when to redesign your current website, which is difficult to judge. But why worry when iBrandox is there to help you out. Like when we have a disease, we experience some symptoms. Likewise, our websites suffer these symptoms which are experienced by our customers. But why is it important to stay updated?

These symptoms range from the website being unresponsive, getting hanged very quickly, isn’t able to support heavy server traffic, and is taking longer to upload content. Furthermore, if the website is reviewed as being not user-friendly, then that’s a major reason you should redesign your website.

Sometimes changes within the company trigger these changes. For e.g. there is a change of legislation that makes it mandatory for companies to re-design their marketing tools. Also, changes within the company structure require these changes. Changes of Business styles and hardware changes within the company could also be a reason. The website may have to be redesigned if the database through the website needs major changes.

Redesigning your website just doesn’t mean changing one or two features of your website and you are done. No, redesigning should lead to some great new features of your website. Hence, let’s list down 10 random redesigned features of a new website:
  1. It is well designed to take a heavy load such as a large number of visitors, hence shouldn’t crash irrespective of its type.
  2. The color theme of the website should be matching with the type of the website, if it’s a business website, the color scheme should match with the products.
  3. It should be easily navigated by the user, hence should be user-friendly.
  4. Your recent testimonials should be present on the website, which indicates that the website is reliable.
  5. The website should explain the topic of the website very well. Hence, all product information should be made available.
  6. The website shall be available in various languages to assist global customers and build upon global acceptance.
  7. The website should be mobile friendly and an app even shall be available.
  8. Contact Us’ option should be clearly visible and your replies shall sound sophisticated and be quick.
  9. Content should be concise and fresh and the website should be in the type (dynamic) which allows it to be updated quickly.
  10. Dead links should be completely omitted and the download should be quick and browser compatible. is a website development company. We completely take care that more than the above-listed features are present on your website. Also, we take care that you decide to update your website at the right time. We provide affordable website redesigning services. We completely revamp the look of your website and surely make it enticing. We believe in doing projects for not just the sake of it, but we look forward to building a very special bond with the clients which drives the momentum for both while doing the project.

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