Reasons To Go For A Responsive Website
reasons-to-go-for-a-responsive-website Having known the importance of a good website, it is equally important to keep evolving on the design of your website. A static website can never take your business to a height that you wish to achieve. Hence, we suggest always go trendy or dynamic when it comes to your website.

These days the trendiest kind of website design is that of a responsive website. There are several reasons for its trendiness, the most important being the huge increase in mobile users. Over last one decade, there has been double fold increase in the number of mobile internet users. You must be aware that mobile internet is not limited to use of Google and social media. It also includes the online shopping and visit to the other websites too. But there are many websites that do not provide same web page to its mobile users as to the users on desktop. This is primarily for the reason that it is not responsive. Oh wait! Are you thinking what are we talking about? Do you know what a responsive website is? If not, scroll down and first know what a responsive website is.

What Is A Responsive Website?
Responsive website is a simply a website design or a format which makes the website adapt itself on any device, be it a desktop, laptop, mobile or a tablet. The content, images and structure will remain same on all the devices if your website is responsive. Earlier, there used to be different websites for desktop and mobile in which the content was even often quite different from each other, usually not satisfactory for mobile internet surfers. But now, this has been realized and people are slowly heading towards responsive websites. Making websites accessible to wide array of mobile users is obviously the first and foremost reason behind switching to responsive website, but there are many more reasons too. Today, iBrandox, the best website designing company in Gurgaon, will give you several reasons that will make you switch to responsive website.

Go Responsive, Google Will Love You
Google is your ultimate someone, whom you must be trying to impress, isn't it? We know that is the case, hence we suggest you to pay attention to what Google loves. It recommends responsive website designing (RWD) very strongly. Be responsive, and you will be loved by Google.

Single Website, Single URL But Double Profit
To those who still believe that multiple website is something they would want to go for, let us tell you that single website for all the devices can prove to be very fruitful to you in various manners. Having multiple websites means you will have to divide your attention to work on every website in order to make all the websites attractive. This simply implies that single website would save your time, money and you will be able to focus better.

Responsive Websites: Best From SEO Perspective

Responsive websites are highly recommended for best SEO result. RWD makes it simple for Google to crawl and rank the content. According to experts also, most separate mobile websites do not rank well on Google. Also, a single website means that you can put all your focus on SEO of a single site instead of working on multiple ones and their SEOs. Furthermore, having a responsive website makes the content clear and easily navigable on any device.

RWD Fights High Bounce Rate
If a website doesn't work for mobile and tablet users, bounce rate could be a major problem. Mobile websites often face the problem of high bounce rate if the content they offer is too different from the content offered on the desktop site. Google interprets this as the sign that website is not offering quality and relevant content to all its users, which will ultimately lead to drop in the rankings. But a responsive website fights this problem as it offers the same content on all the devices.

Enhanced User Experience

Responsive website is also gaining fame because of its user friendly nature. Having a website that can be experienced on any device, isn't it a great ease? For instance, you just saw something which you want to gift to your partner or a friend and you wish to show it to that person, but that person is out and can only use internet on his/her phone. In that case, if that website is a responsive one, just imagine how wonderful it would be! You can quickly ask that person to see that, isn't t great? This is why responsive website is called user friendly.

More Consumers To Target

As we said in the beginning itself, responsive website is becoming the trend because of the massive increase in the number of mobile internet users. This means if you have RWD, you have strong customer potential as the number of visitors would increase manifolds and this also means more sales and more profit.

Portrays Your Trendiness
Though old is considered to be gold, in an online business you need to come out of that old shell and carve out a new space for you to be distinctive and unique. Only then people and Google will recognize you. Having the old multiple website patterns makes you old, static and outdated; hence go responsive if you want to portray your dynamism.

Keeps You Competitive
RWD is still to be adopted by many people and those who have adopted it, who are actually not much in number, are flying in successful colours. Hence, it is also another important benefit of a responsive website that you stay much above your other competitors if your website is a responsive one.

So, are you ready to go Responsive? Are you set to go beyond your envisaged heights? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Pick your phone, call iBrandox, the best web designing and web development Company in Gurgaon, and let's discuss your business plan as we would love to do that. We have already carved out several responsive websites which are doing great today and we would like to do better in your case. Hurry up, don't keep your success awaited! iBrandox is waiting to hear you and make you ride through that peak of success.