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Why should you hire iBrandox for SEO Services in Ahmedabad?
  • Result-oriented SEO Services
  • Increase Organic Visibility and Quality traffic to your website
  • PPC – Google Adwords Services
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  • Improved Conversion Rate & Better User Engagement
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Increase Traffic, Ranking and Leads for your Business

The motto behind developing a website is to reach out to more audiences and increase profit margin. There are some reasons that influence traffic flow to your website. You need to understand the underlying causes that may result into lowering traffic rate and avoid the tactics responsible for the miserable scenario. Let us now take a quick glance over a crucial factor involved in lowering traffic to your website.

Low mobile page upload speed

If a low speed score for mobile page upload is killing traffic, there are ways to rectify the problem without redesigning your website.

In its recent Speed update, Google made it clear that the latest update would leave a devastating impact on the websites offering slow user experience. In this mobile-first online environment, website ranking on Google depends much on speed. If slow speed is hindering your website from obtaining a high rank on the search result pages, it’s important to address the issue immediately.

Use PageSpeed Insights Tool

It’s a good tool to start with. With this tool grading the toughest, a high score on PageSpeed Insights will help your website do well with other available testing tools. According to a well-known SEO company in Ahmedabad, no magic number exists in this context. From their years of experience in the industry, they emphasize that even a single-digit score can do well though it’s rare. If your score speed is below 40, it clearly indicates that more works are yet to be done.

It’s also important to know about your competitors’ speed score to determine if you need to work on speed improvement.

How to figure out if speed is lowering traffic?

  • Run Page Speed Insights on Your Competitors’ Websites: Use the online tool on five of your close competitors to assess if they have a higher speed than yours. Also keep a tab on the new players who are emerging on the scenario of tough competition with your brand. It’s better to perform the tests at various times of day as higher scores are often seen at night due to higher server loads during peak hours.
  • Use a Traffic Estimator: Run a traffic estimator such as Ahrefs, Spyfu or SEMrush and take a snapshot of these sites’ trend lines of the past two years.
  • Log High SEO Metrics: There’s no need to overdo things but taking a note of the top-level SEO metrics such as domain authority, number of links to the website in SERPs, page word counts etc will help you assess traffic speed.
  • An Important Point: You should review each of the top-performing pages of your website to determine speed score and assess if it is causing traffic decline.


Will the best SEO company in Ahmedabad explain all these details to their laymen customers?

They should as it’s their responsibility. Though the customers will not understand all technicalities involved in rise or decline of traffic flow, still a good company should explain everything in a layman’s terms.

What are the measures taken to rectify the speed issue?

Usually the company suggests that you should not use sliders. In addition, using next-generation image formats and removing unused tracking codes will also help a lot.


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