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Basic SEO is very important as well as fundamental in proper positioning your website. Your website should be easily found when people need to use it for shopping or any other reason. If you are looking for SEO Company in Bangalore then you should definitely contact iBrandox. It can help you in building important SEO strategies for maximum traffic and profit in your e-commerce business.

It is very important to understand that purpose of SEO is not to cheat the search engine.But SEO of any website is done.

  1. To give seamless user experience to the people.
  2. Secondly to communicate your intentions to the search engine so that it can recommend your website when related search is made.
  3. To create a website that pleases both the clients or users and also various search engines like Google or Bing.

It is very important to include some essential components at the time of site optimization in order to achieve the above goals.

  1. According to experts of SEO services Bangalore it is important to understand that a website is just like a cake. If links, paid search and social media is icing on the cake then relative content, appropriate keywords, proper infrastructure and a systematic content management system is like flour, sugar, butter and egg without which cake will be useless, tasteless and boring and ultimately go down the trash.
  2. According to best SEO company in Bangalore main job of a search engine is to refer most relevant website or content to the user. In order to be in top ranks you will need to create keywords based content that is relevant as per your theme. Apart from that it should have proper titles, descriptions and tags attached for clear understanding of both the user and the search engine.
  3. When you are working on SEO for your site you should also pay attention on performance of your site. It should perform properly and at a fast speed. It should also have seamless user experience in terms of looks, navigation, and security and bounce rate.
  4. According to experts of SEO in Bangalore things like keyword stuffing, purchased links and poor, repetitive and copied content are a big no-no for website optimization. It is not going to take you and your business anywhere.
  5. Things like consistent domain name, buying old domain name instead of new and having keywords in the URL of the domain can work wonders in the entire SEO project.


  1. What is the difference between organic and paid results?
    Organic results are produced by the search engine based on algorithms. It is for free. On the contrary paid results are the results which appear on top of every search page. Advertisers pay for these links to appear on top.
  2. What is Meta description?
    Meta description is the description that appears below your page in the search result. It is important to right something relevant and compelling so that users click on your link for reading further.
  3. Should domain name be optimized to include a keyword?
    If you company name has a keyword in it then it is fine. You should not go buying a new domain name for the sake of including keyword for optimization. It may have negative impact.

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