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Some say we love startups, others shout us as web developers, few commend us as a digital agency. while some suggest technology greeks. Lekin, humse badkar kaun? Shout for Chai!


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Some say we love startups, others shout us as web developers, few commend us as a digital agency, while some suggest technology greeks.

Custom Web Development for Startups

Sleek, Modern, and Functioning Website

Why should you hire iBrandox for your Startup Website?
  • Fresh ideas. Thoughtful design. Measurable results
  • Creating websites that engage users
  • Delivering success with every solution
  • Impressive web marketing solutions
  • The goal isn’t to build a website. The goal is to build your business
  • Create memorable digital experiences
  • Affordable solutions for all your creativity needs
  • SEO Friendly Startup Website
Must be wondering,what is Ox? We are bull in our services. iBrandox-Online-Private-Limited
Why should you hire iBrandOx for your Web Designing Project? website development in delhi


Successful Startup Website

10 Most Important Components of a Successful Startup Website

Developing a website is important for your business but not enough. It must include some essential components to work well. Here are the 10 most important components that you should include in your startup website to make it more fascinating and functional:

1. Excellent Web Hosting Service

Reliable web hosting is important for the good functioning of any startup website. A reputed web hosting Service Company provides fast service, regular maintenance, and constant improvements. In addition, such a company is also known for their excellent customer care service and support available round the clock.

2. SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any startup website. Without proper and regular SEO work, a website will never rank at the top of the search engine result pages. It is a must to follow the latest Google updates in this regard and apply the same to achieve a sustainably high rank for your startup website.

3. Content Management System

CMS helps in organizing and maintaining Metadata and pages of a website by functioning behind the scene. It makes navigation much easier for visitors to your startup website.

4. Analytics Tools

Google Analytics is a great tool that you should regularly use to know some vital information including which pages the visitors are spending most of their time. Google Analytics comes free of cost. It is also easier to integrate with Word Press as well as some popular website development tools.

5. Mobile-Friendly Theme & Template

Your site should look captivating and function well across all types of screens including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A mobile-friendly, fast-loading and responsive startup website will bring you more traffic than you can imagine.

6. Inventory Management Tool

It is important to integrate an inventory management tool with the shop pages on your website so that both you and your potential customers get to know if products are available for purchase.

7. Noticeable Website Components

Never fail to integrate some must-have elements into your website so that the visitors can easily see those and interact with them. These elements send a welcome gesture to the visitors and make them happy.

8. Expectable Sections

If a website does not feel right, it is definitely lacking something that you expected to see. For example, your home page will give an idea of what your business is all about. You should also include ‘About us’ and ‘Contact’ pages with detailed information.

9. Social Media Links

Create links to popular social media websites to allow more people to know about your company. However, you should be regular with posts and updates so that social media users don’t have to try hard to remember you.

10. Payment Tools & Shopping Cart

If you have an eCommerce startup website, make sure to integrate payment tools and shopping carts that are easy to use. Most online shoppers are familiar with PayPal. Furthermore, many website developers will help you integrate checkout and shopping tools with ease.


You will surely not want your startup website to be a slow couch in the competitive industry. Therefore, you need to realize that some elements are too powerful to ignore and by integrating those into your website, you forge a way to get more traffic and gain more profit.

If you are looking for a professional startup website, you can get in touch with iBrandox.com


Can You Give Me An Idea About The Right Domain Name?

The choice of the domain name is important and depends on the purpose of using your website. You should always choose a domain name that is easy to spell and pronounce. It is also important that the name does not sound confusing.

How Long Will You Need To Design My Website?

It varies from one website to another. Honestly speaking, the time required to design a website depends on the complexities involved. The experts at iBrandox always work hard to meet the client’s specified deadline. Many clients dilly-dally in providing content (text and images) and that causes delays in delivering the project.

Should I Need To Meet You In Person For Discussing The Website Design?

A face-to-face meeting is not important always. Most of the time, we start work after discussion with our clients over the phone and/or via email. The work is uploaded to private websites accessible to only clients. We then work with them to discuss what they feel about the website and if they need any changes. Only after the site looks and feels exactly as per your specifications, it is officially launched to the public.

Will You Make Me Aware About Progress At Each Level Of Website Development?

Definitely! We provide a username and password to you after developing on our server. The idea behind is to let you log in as well as monitor progress at each stage of startup website development. We encourage you to give your feedback so that we can incorporate any change you suggest. After we complete your startup website and get your approval, we make it live on your personal server and submit the website URL to the leading search engines.

How Can I Protect My Idea?

We encourage you to file for patents, copyrights, and trademarks. A patent will protect your startup business during its infant stage and help it up and running.


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