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Attributes To Mobile App

attributes-to-mobile-app Developing a mobile app for your business growth is the latest way to exploit the world of technology. Mobile apps are widely used programs which can be installed easily on any smart phone or a tablet. With the assistance of an expert, you can get a mobile app designed which will help you to strongly mark your existence in the tech savvy world. There are two major platforms; Google and Apple, which support your mobile applications. One must also be aware of the fact that developing an app for mobile is completely different from desktop application development. iBrandox is a Gurgaon based company which provides the possibility of increasing business turnovers for its customers by developing quality and efficiency based mobile applications. While developing an app for mobile, it is necessary to keep the following attributes in mind.

A mobile version of an app requires adaptability in terms of output, input and navigation. The screen size of the device defines its output capabilities. Professionals need to consider the limitation of the screen size while designing an app for mobiles. Also the performance for data input needs to be compromised because of absence of a full sized keyboard. The navigation system also differs from handset to handset, as a touch screen handset and selects button handset work on different concepts.

Cost and Time Impact
The success of an app is no longer dependent only on the technology used. The cost involved for using the application should also be considered. The user should get the feel of value for money, upon using the app. Also the app should respond in minimum time for a user to complete the task. It adds to time and cost based efficiency to the application.

Change Friendly
Since a mobile user is always on the move, the app developed should be compatible to use in different environments. The user should be able to access the app irrespective of the change in his location. Also the context of the app needs to be altered with time. A mobile app must adapt to the context changes which have a strong effect on the quality factor.

Network Issues
Network stability was once a major issue affecting optimum utilization of technology. But now the network technology has reached at a certain level of maturity but still it needs to be considered while developing a mobile application. Application development is also affected by the limitation of bandwidth accessibility. Also a wireless network is more prone to tampering as compared to a fixed line connection. So security is another factor to be kept in mind while designing a mobile application.

Heterogeneous Devices
Mobiles are heterogeneous devices which mean that they operate on more than one kind of processor. This had lead to increased effort while developing an application for mobiles. The heterogeneous nature of devices affect the portability, stability, adaptability and changeability factors of the application needed for mobile use.

While developing an application for its clients these factors are to be considered in order to achieve the requirement analysis and provide quality assurance. The two important factors; usability and suitability, are to be kept in mind while developing a mobile app. Both of these are quality factors which cannot be ignored and are given priority while developing an application. These cover the understanding, operating and learning ability provided by the mobile app. The efficiency of the workability of the app also depends on the time and resources input while developing it.

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