Latest 5 Mobile Applications!
latest-5-mobile-applications With emergence of smart phones and mobile application on these smart phones life has become much more convenient, fast and better connected. The iBrandox team has come up with the list of recent mobile apps which has given the best service in the sector for which they were designed.

Messenger app for Android: Whatsapp!
Whatsapp is an amazing messenger app and no other app in the history had got the response as whatsapp got. It has been installed in over one billion smart phone and the counting is still on. Easy to use features and consistent improvisation in the features and user experience, Whatsapp is the first choice in the long league of messenger apps available.

File Manager App for Android: Solid Explorer!

Solid Explorer is one of the tried and tested messenger applications for Android. It is not only rich with latest features but it is easily accessible and user friendly. Double panel display of the app lets you navigate in two different folders and drag files from one folder to other.

Keyboard app for Android: Flesky!
Flesky has become favourite choice for most of its user as it is not only fast and accurate but after use of two or three hours you realise that how small details of the keyboard lets you create accurate content swiftly.

Weather app for Android: Morecast!
Morecast has become the best choice for Android users mainly because of its good looking interface ad a sensible layout with high clarity. It has advanced features like simultaneous weather comparison of two regions and telling weather forecast of entire journey route.

Navigation app for Android: HERE map!
HERE map has been developed by Nokia itself and it can help you in turn by turn navigation, search and satellite imagery. Its offline feature is the Ace card which makes it our favourite.

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