5 Important Things To Do Before Hiring A Website Developer
5-important-things-to-do-before-hiring-a-website-developer A web developer is one of the most critical hires for any company. This is because it’s that person who will be creating the online face of the company and empower you to virtually interact with your customers.

Here are 5 tips iBrandox has identified that can help in the selecting the right person for the job.
  • Hire for DNA and not because of work experience: while experience is great, the biggest factor of success will be the person’s DNA and what he brings to the company. The culture of the company has to fit that of the developer. His drive, determination and persistence will play important roles.
  • Put a new developer on a small project first: assign a relatively non-critical project to the new developer to see how he or she handles it. It will let you observe the person while he is working and you can further evaluate him or her beyond the job interview.
  • Pick a developer with aptitude: in technology, skills become obsolete in a matter of about 2 years. So it’s vital that \your developer has the aptitude to pick up new skill sets fast.
  • Do not ask trivia questions about programming: their answers will show who can memorize things, not who is smart. So avoid this at all costs.
  • Hire slow, fire fast: you should take your time while hiring, but if things are not working as expected, do not hesitate in letting go of them. Missing deadlines are very detrimental where resources are scarce.
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