5 Web Development Tips for Increasing Online Sales
5-web-development-tips-for-increasing-online-sales Most merchants do not realize it, but the design of their online web pages has a direct effect on the sales generated. Even the smallest design element can improve or harm conversion rates. iBrandox specializes in developing customized websites for clients across India, especially Delhi, based on their brief and here are some tips gleaned from them.
  • The shopping cart should be visible: when a customer adds an item to his cart, he expects it to be visible. This gives them the peace of mind that the item has been registered.
  • Optimize the “add to cart” buttons: there is a difference in response between site visitors and customers. Generally customers do not like it when there are things like “more details” or “learn more” on the add-to –cart button. An “add- to” button that say “buy now” is more preferable. Also colour plays an important role: blue and green count among the gentler colours while orange or red can hurt the performance.
  • Product pages should be clean: the first thing should always be the product images. Customer reviews should be at the bottom of the page. Also, the product name, description and price should be displayed for ease of shopping. This ups the conversion rates.
  • Navigation pathways should be clear: hidden menus and other elements are not effective at all and end up leaving the shopper frustrated, avoid this.
  • Checkout page should be distraction free: the customer is going in a very specific direction when he is checking out. Ignore the urge to keep selling into the checkout process. Single page checkouts have the highest conversion rates.

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