Big Question: Freelancers v/s Web development Companies!
big-question-freelancers-v-s-web-development-companies If you are planning to hire a web designing service for your website then the first and foremost question which will be striking at your mind is whether to hire a freelancer or a web development company. You may get confused between the two and can end up making a biased decision. On the contrary if you set your priorities right and weigh the pros and cons of both the freelancer and the company against your priorities then you will surely make the right decision.

Who is a freelancer?
Before comparing a freelance with a registered company it is very important to know who a freelancer is. Freelancer is a person who is self employed and do not have long term relationship with client. He can be hired for the company for one or two projects or for more as per the need and the work quality.

Web Development Company!
On the contrary a web development company is legally registered company who has group of skilled employees who work on permanent basis with the company.

Comparison between a freelancer and a proper website development company!

Work Quality
First and foremost criterion for selection of any service provider is the quality of work offered by them. There is high chance that a proper development company will have better quality to offer than a freelancer. They are in the field and deal with clients on regular basis while freelancers may not have absolute knowledge as they go on and off the projects frequently.

Cost effectiveness
If we talk in terms of cost effectiveness then freelancers will take the point this time. A registered company will be much more expensive than a freelancer. Since they have to maintain office and staff on regular basis that’s why they will charge more than a freelancer who may or may not have a team and office to maintain.

Kind of work you want!
Whether you just want assistance for the existing developer in your company or want an entire team to do the development work for you from the scratch will play a critical role in deciding whether to hire freelancer or a company. If you are low at budget then full time freelancer will be a jackpot for you. But if you need to design an entire website then a proper team of professionals such as iBrandox can work wonders for you.

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