Difference Between PHP and Magento?
difference-between-php-and-magento When you decide to advertise your business online and begin to collect knowledge about it, you are sure to get stuck at this point- whether to hire a PHP developer or a Magento developer. So, knowledge about a few parameters mentioned below would help you clear your mind:
  • Time Duration: PHP developer requires more time as the process is a complex one. Comparatively, a magneto developer could complete it in a shorter duration.
  • Effort: A PHP developer’s task gets over once the task is completed. A Magento developer’s work is based on a business perspective, so work would carry on even after completion of the task to handle of the traffic needs.
  • Payment Gateway Knowledge: A PHP developer does not require knowledge of payment gateways, whereas, in-depth knowledge of payment gateways is required for a Magento developer.
  • Payment Gateway Method: PHP developers have to integrate the gateways as in-built modules are not available, whereas Magento has in-built modules available.
  • Database: PHP developers have to create their own database structures. Magento, developers just follow default structures, thus making things easier.
  • Codes: PHP developers have to develop their own codes, whereas there is a pre-provided coding structure in Magento.
  • Costing: PHP works out more costly than Magento.
  • Types of Websites: PHP developers are into handling websites of static pages, whereas Magento developers can handle specialized larger and dynamic websites, which are more SEO friendly.
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