Difference Between Static and Dynamic Website Development

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A web site design could either be static or dynamic. Each one has its own share of advantages and drawbacks. So the one which you should go in for would entirely depend on the objective you desire to achieve through your web site.

Static site are made of HTML scripts and the pages of such a site remain the same. Such sites are awesome for SEO purpose. A dynamic website is more recommended when interaction is required from the users. But, picking content from dynamic sites is not easy for search engines as the pages differ each time you log on to them, thus making it really difficult for a search engine to index it. Static sites are easier to create as dynamic programming is not required. However, dynamic sites are more popular as they provide an interactive experience for visitors. There are a lot of things that can be explored around on a dynamic site, thus making it more appealing to the viewers and helping in them coming back and thus generating traffic.

So, both static sites or dynamic sites, have their own share of pros and cons, thus it is you who can best decide on what you want for your business based on your target and type of business. But do keep in mind, that your website could even be a combination of both static and dynamic. Please do not hesitate in contacting us- iBrandox the best SEO marketing company in Delhi, India to address to your web site designing related queries and needs.