MD Consulting’s B2B Website Development by iBrandox Development Team
md-consulting-s-b2b-website-development-by-ibrandox-development-team In order to establish and run a successful IT consulting consultancy, a business owner must first focus on setting up a professional and user-friendly website. Remember, your prospective clients will want to explore your website to assess your capabilities and offerings. This is precisely why you must emphasize on creating a professionally designed as well as easy to navigate website.

Based in Gurugram (Haryana), MD Consulting is a premier IT consulting business that offers a wide range of IT solutions including Datacenter, IT Hardware, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security as well as Cloud Adoption solutions.

From helping organizations to create the right strategies and architecture to providing services such as cloud & cyber security, customer service, human resources, and infrastructure services among others, MD Consulting has helped enterprises of all scales and sizes in transforming their businesses.

The company was searching for an experienced and trustworthy website development company to assist them in creating a high-quality business website. That’s when they came across iBrandox, a highly reputed website development company in Gurgaon.

After carefully analyzing their requirements, the team at iBrandox helped MD Consulting in setting up their B2B website, while using all the important elements of website designing & development. Read on to discover more about iBrandox approach and strategies for MD Consulting’s business website.

The iBrandox Method
When it comes to designing & developing an IT consulting company’s website, the website development team must pay close attention to a number of aspects. For instance, it is crucial that the web development team emphasizes on selling the company’s unique skills, proficiency, experience, knowledge and most importantly their solutions. The team must also focus on helping the consultancy in establishing a potent online reputation or presence. Lastly, the website should be designed in a manner that it prompts their prospective customers to choose them over their competitors.

Keeping these and several other key points at the back of their mind, the iBrandox team initiated the web development process by making a note of the client requirements. This was followed by a series of thinking and brainstorming sessions, where several ideas were discussed with the company. Based on MD Consulting’s inputs, a layout was prepared and developed to match their needs and preferences. This layout was shared with the client for their approval and minor revisions were incorporated as per the consultancy’s suggestions/feedback.

Once the layout was approved, the iBrandox team initiated the final designing & development process and tested the website on numerous browsers to ensure that it was compatible with each one of them. Lastly, the project was delivered to MD Consulting and the company was more than satisfied with the final output.

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