Merits and Demerits of Dynamic Website and Static Website!
merits-and-demerits-of-dynamic-website-and-static-website A dynamic website is the one where pages can get auto-updated as per the user while you have to manually make the necessary changes on a static website. So, the first merit of a dynamic website is that your time and effort will be reduced by many folds. The page will automatically get personalized as per the user and the same page can serve the purpose for thousand different users. In the case of a static website, you will need to hire a professional or update the content from time to time.

Static websites are cost-effective!
In the second point, static website gets a brownie point over the dynamic website as it is much more economical to create a static website. You don’t have to pay a fortune as a developer will demand for creating a dynamic website. The point still remains the same that you will need to spend later as you will update the website from time to time. It is better you learn the language and coding all by yourself and can do all the updating yourself.

Dynamic websites are in things!

If you believe in staying updated with time and face the cut-throat competition with the high head then dynamic website is the in thing for now. It is fast and zippy as all your content will be uploaded within a minimal time. Saving time is like saving money in the competitive world we are living in. Static websites are a little slow in responding.

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