Realtap’s Real Estate Website Designing & Development Project by iBrandox
realtap-s-real-estate-website-designing-development-project-by-ibrandox A Real estate business deals in the buying, selling, and leasing of a multitude of residential and commercial projects. Hence, it is crucial for every real estate service providing company to create an attractive and user-friendly website that further helps them in finding prospective clients. A beautifully designed website enables real estate service providers to better promote a wide variety of residential and commercial projects while assisting buyers/tenants in finding their ideal property.

Having assisted hundreds and thousands of clients in finding their dream properties, Bangalore based Realtap has always been at the forefront of meeting and exceeding the expectations of their clients/visitors. The company is renowned for adopting the client-centric approach and thus helping home buyers in making well-informed decisions. The company also assists buyers in getting loans sanctioned for their properties. Realtap also aids homeowners in hiring an interior designer for re-designing their homes as well choosing home automation service providers for enhanced security/safety.

The Requirement
Realtap was essentially searching for a professional and highly experienced website development agency to design a visually appealing real estate portal. They wanted their web design partner to assist them in setting up a website that made property buying and leasing simple and hassle-free.

The company wanted a clean and prominent layout and easy to access call to action feature for their website. Their aim was to make property search simple and easy for their clients/visitors. Put simply, they wanted a professionally designed website that would help the in establishing a dynamic presence on the web, while showcasing varied properties available in Bangalore city.

The Solution-iBrandox Approach

The iBrandox team started by understanding Realtap’s requirements, with respect to their web pages, categories, blogs, and other prominent features. The team also made a note of their blog specific and responsive website designing needs. After carefully analyzing Realtap’s web design & development requirements and assessing their key suggestions, the team indulged in multiple brainstorming sessions.

During this stage, their highly experienced web development professionals discussed a number of ideas. They emphasized setting up a portal that would further enable Realtap to attract target traffic to their website. The entire process helped the web development team to design rough layouts, which were later shared with the client for their approval. Once the client gave their approval, the team tested the website on multiple browsers for compatibility and performance and delivered the project to Realtap’s satisfaction.

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