Relevance of Linking in Web Development
relevance-of-linking-in-web-development The disharmony between the two sides of arguments is still on that if links in web development are a thing of the past or are still relevant. While both arguments are of strong weight, I won’t deny that linking is endangered, especially after Google has started taking action against spammy links and their creator websites. But one thing is clear that links are nowhere near the dead and will hold an important in SEO for many coming years.

Are links the only way to drive more traffic to your website? No is the answer to this, but links do play a significant role in SEO and rankings by the digital marketing companies like iBrandox. Search engines analyze the popularity of the website and pages linked to them and also measure the trust, spam and authorization. Trustable sites most likely link to reliable sites where on the other hand spammy sites rarely get a Back-link from a good site.

Why are Back-links important?
There are two kinds of links, inbound (Back-links) and outbound. As their name suggests, outbound links are on your website which takes the visitor to another site and vice versa. The rule is simple, the more the number of Back-links, the more you are noticed by search engines. The only and important catch here is that your links have to be qualitative to improve your websites’ rankings. The Back-links with unrelated content are considered spam and are irrelevant. Ranking matters on the quality of these links.

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