What is MVC in Dot Net?
what-is-mvc-in-dot-net MVC or Model View Controller is a distinct web application that was developed by Microsoft in the late 1970’s. It is a simple software design that comprises of three essential components which are Model, View and Controller. The pattern encrypted by MVC is utilized by web development company in Gurgaon for the separation of various patterns in an application such as separating business logic or data logic from UI.

The Model i.e. M in MVC represents a set of unique patterns related to data and business logic. It even defines the basic business rules that should be followed while manipulating or changing data.  The next component: View helps in the validation and transformation of a model into UI. The View of ASP.Net MVC takes care of the UI representation of data and stores in a controlled folder.

Controller, the final component of MVC works as a coordination between View and Model. It receives inputs from the user and then processes it with the help of Model & View.

Advantages of MVC Framework in Dot Net Technology
There are many advantages of MVC framework in Dot Net Technology, some of them are:
  • Provides clean and complete Separation of Concerns (SoCs)
  • Enables better control over the rendered HTML files
  • Integrates perfectly with JavaScript frameworks
  • Encourages Test Driven Development (TDD) and
  • Follows latest design understanding the nature of web.
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