What Are the Best Digital Marketing Trends for 2021?

When we talk of the digital marketing trends for 2021, it has to be based on how last year, the year of COVID-19, went. The digital marketing trends for this year will revolve around two concepts that are both distinct as well as contradictory. Firstly, we have a kind of humanization in general, which will address issues that are real and tailor certain content so that the needs of the individual are addressed for a deeper, personal engagement with the brand. The second trend is optimization on a technical and mechanical level focused on different back-end activities like SEO and campaign structure building. You can also read about the Best SEO Trends for 2021.

Here are the Best Digital Marketing Trends for 2021:

  • Inclusion: If you were to take a look at a newspaper, the importance of inclusivity is quite clear, considering our place and time in history. With every passing day, larger numbers of people, particularly marginalized groups and the young audience want to experience a hopeful and positive portrayal of equality in the brands they endorse and the content they consume on a daily basis. Homogeneous content, what we were used to all these years, does fall short. Digital marketing in 2021 will include subject matter and media that will cover diverse races, sexes, religions, and so on. There will also be a representation of people who have both physical as well as learning disabilities.
  • Engage and Retain: In 2021, organizations that are serious about growth have to dedicate resources to engage in social media marketing. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, customer retention is a high priority. This trend will continue well into 2021. The pandemic has resulted in people spending long hours online, for want of anything better to do, and now that restrictions have been substantially lifted, the newly acquired habit remains. Social media therefore will play a huge role in the acceptance or rejection of a new product. Retention of faithful customers and acquisition of new customers will be the mantra of digital marketing this year.
  • User-generated Content: The customer is the king, and customer experience is the all-important factor. Customers will desire enjoyable experiences with those brands that are memorable and have the least fuss. Customers will want proof of satiation before they spend their money on a brand because they will not want to have a bad experience. Digital marketing firms will have to focus on UGC because it helps to build and strengthen communities, it is uplifting and relatable, and most importantly, it empowers the brand to reach out and meet customers where they are already present.
  • Sustainability: More than 80% of consumers are of the opinion that companies should take a leading role in improving and protecting the environment. Over the last 2 years, the leading brands in the world have knuckled down in order to move towards a sustainable future. This is evident in the materials, packaging, and delivery systems. A digital marketing company working with a particular brand will have to show through campaigns and adverts that the products are sustainable products, besides checking all the other boxes.
  • Voice Searches and Visual Searches: Large segments of customers are using voice-activated tools in order to search for the products they want to buy. This can be due to two reasons; firstly, they are stuck at home and have limited opportunities for conversation. Secondly, it is because voice assistants are here to stay and technology is improving at a rapid pace. Besides voice search, 2021 will see an increase in visual search too. There are tools in the market, like Google Lens that make it possible for customers to search for what they see in a totally interactive way. Digital marketers will have to put their focus on image alt-text as well as sitemaps for the images.
  • Easy Content: Some new types of content like podcasts and newsletters directed towards the inbox of the customer will have a good amount of influence on the spending proclivities of the latter. Over 50% of internet-savvy consumers listen to podcasts and this is a new kind of content that digital marketers can harness to reach out to a wider audience base.
  • Interactive Content: Interactive content scores big when it comes to digital marketing in 2021. This trend has been on the fringes for a while and there is a strong indication of it making it big this year in 2021. Interactive content like surveys, quizzes, open-ended questions, contests as well as polls, and giveaways can do a lot for the success of your brand by building up brand recognition and brand awareness.

These are the major digital marketing trends for 2021. If you want to make it big with your brand, engage iBrandox, a trusted name in digital marketing circles. They have been in business for a long time, crafting out success stories with unfailing regularity.

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