5 Benefits of Responsive Website Designing and Development
5-benefits-of-responsive-website-designing-and-development Advances in web developments are happening with each passing day, and a wide variety of platforms are now available for website development. One such latest and super popular one is responsive web designing. This has become supremely popular for the following 5 reasons:-
  1. Wide reach- Majority of browsing today happens not on the traditional computers or laptops, as the mobile and tablets have taken over.  So if your site is not mobile friendly, anyone who logs on to your site is more than like to leave without browsing further, thus your traffic rate is sure to drastically drip.
  2. Flexibility- Such a site is flexible as all the content in a responsive design site like images, video, content can easily fit into the screen of any medium of browsing used by the user.
  3. An additional ‘Mobile Friendly’ Site is Not Required – When all content can easily be visible on each different mode of browsing by different users, the need of 2 separate sites- desktop friendly and mobile friendly, does not arise.
  4. Duplication Avoided- By not requiring maintaining two separate sites, you end up avoiding duplicate content which is hated by Google- the top rated search engine.
  5. Super Saving- When you do not have 2 sites to maintain, you end up saving a lot of time, money and other resources too.
Such a concept was first introduced around mid 2013 and has now become a basic requirement for each ‘well developed’ site. Contact, the best SEO company in Gurgaon, India for your responsive website designing needs.

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